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“So rich is the level of de­tail that you’ll be able to pick out ev­ery last im­per­fec­tion on the track”

Turn 10’s lat­est ti­tle in its sub­lime rac­ing se­ries has grown up along­side the Xbox One X, to the point that the team was the first to get a work­ing demo up and run­ning on the new con­sole. The stu­dio’s feed­back helped shape the pro­to­type hard­ware into the fi­nal unit, mak­ing sure other de­vel­op­ers would have every­thing they need to give their games a no­tice­able bump in res­o­lu­tion, per­for­mance, vis­ual ef­fects or even all of the above.

We’re happy to tell you that it’s that last one in Forza’s case – the One X de­liv­ers na­tive 4K res­o­lu­tion and en­hanced vi­su­als with­out sac­ri­fic­ing the se­ries’ 60fps stan­dard, mak­ing it the most re­al­is­tic rac­ing game yet seen on con­soles.

But it’s not just about every­thing look­ing crisper and pret­tier – that vis­ual up­grade can ac­tu­ally serve a pur­pose on a game­play level, too. So rich is the level of de­tail that you’ll be able to pick out ev­ery last im­per­fec­tion on the track, see up­com­ing bends in full de­tail long be­fore you reach them, or be bet­ter able to gauge car han­dling sim­ply by judg­ing ex­actly how it be­haves as you scream into or ac­cel­er­ate out of a cor­ner. There’s power left to spare in the con­sole even af­ter all of this, so Turn 10 has de­cided to put this to use with full dy­namic weather, pre­sent­ing even more op­por­tu­ni­ties for jaw­drop­ping mo­ments as well as ac­tual game­play evo­lu­tion as well – an un­timely down­pour might change the dy­nam­ics of a race in an in­stant, pre­sent­ing con­stant and ev­er­chang­ing de­ci­sions about whether stick­ing to the drenched rac­ing line or erring on the side of cau­tion and avoid­ing pud­dles on un­for­giv­ing curves might work best. Rac­ing games sim­ply don’t get any more life­like than this.

above Forza 7 fea­tures over 700 cars, each pic­ture per­fect to its real world coun­ter­part.

above Like cars, driv­ers can be cus­tomised to your lik­ing.

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