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The games you can get right now to test the power of your awe­some Xbox One X

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The Xbox One has been out for al­most four years now and has an ex­ten­sive li­brary of fan­tas­tic games to en­joy, but with the power of Xbox One X fi­nally within reach a lot of those games are now get­ting facelifts to take ad­van­tage of all of that ex­tra tech. From 4K graph­ics to boosted per­for­mances and fancy, de­tail-en­hanc­ing light­ing, there’s a lot to get ex­cited about. While there are a lot of ex­cit­ing games on the hori­zon such as Crack­down 3 and Sea Of

Thieves, there are still plenty of games that you can get right now that will show you just what the ma­chine is ca­pa­ble of. These are the games to pick up at launch to make the most of it..

06 In­jus­tice 2

We were as­tounded by how great the faces in this game looked when we re­viewed it back in May, but the up­com­ing res­o­lu­tion and HDR en­hance­ments means there’s a risk we’ll be get­ting the char­ac­ters in the brawler con­fused with real peo­ple. Be­ing a side-on fighter played in quite tight spa­ces you’ll re­ally get a chance to take in the graph­i­cal im­prove­ments just by be­ing able to get up a lit­tle closer to them. We’re also hop­ing the in­creased pro­cess­ing power of the con­sole will keep the game run­ning smoother than Su­per­man’s hair – a must with su­per­pow­ered fisticuffs.

08 Gears Of War 4

This high-oc­tane shooter orig­i­nally re­leased in Oc­to­ber last year, but has re­ceived loads of con­tent up­dates since and is now go­ing to look bet­ter than ever thanks to an up­date on 7 Novem­ber for Xbox One X own­ers. The game will now run na­tively in 4K which means it’ll be four times the res­o­lu­tion of the cur­rent game if you want your ad­ven­ture to look ex­tra pretty, but they’ve also got a ‘per­for­mance’ mode in store that in­stead puts all of the con­sole’s pro­cess­ing power into keep­ing cam­paign and horde mode run­ning ex­tra smoothly. You’ll still get a huge graph­i­cal boost with the mode, but not quite as much as the ‘Vi­su­als’ mode, but it’s great to be able to make the choice your­self.

05 Fi­nal Fantasy XV

So while this epic RPG won’t quite run in true 4K, it will still ben­e­fit greatly from the X’s pro­cess­ing power. Be­ing an open-world RPG there are a lot of things go­ing on at the same time, for in­stance all the build­ings, mon­sters and cars you see out in the world, so all that ex­tra power will help keep it all tick­ing over smoothly. FFXV is also get­ting a boost to its draw-dis­tance al­low­ing you to take in more of the gor­geous world of Eos at once, in­clud­ing see­ing all of the crea­tures gal­li­vant­ing around the coun­try­side. It’s also get­ting HDR so you’ll be able to see loads more de­tail, even in dark caves and dun­geons.

07 Halo Wars 2

As well as get­ting a 4K boost to make all of your strat­egy meet­ings look bet­ter, the game has also re­ceived a re­cent ex­pan­sion with Awak­en­ing The Night­mare. So not only does the game look fab­u­lous now, with some par­tic­u­larly flashy ex­plo­sions, but you’ve also got a whole heap of new con­tent to get stuck into. The graph­i­cal changes make a real dif­fer­ence, with the im­proved res­o­lu­tion mak­ing it eas­ier to for you to make snap strat­egy de­ci­sions and recog­nise units more quickly. In par­tic­u­lar the colour range has been en­hanced, which works re­ally well with the Halo uni­verse’s bright de­sign.

04 Doom

This is one of those games that looks ab­so­lutely fan­tas­tic on PC if you can af­ford a high-end rig – some­thing that’s al­ways been out of reach for con­sole own­ers. Un­til now that is. Thanks to the power of the Xbox One X play­ers can ex­pect the kind of per­for­mance you’d find on the best of PCs all neatly wrapped in a lit­tle box un­der your TV for your con­ve­nience. The Doom en­hance­ments are push­ing for a silky smooth 60fps so you’ll get the ul­ti­mate shooter ex­pe­ri­ence. Of course it will also be get­ting all of the graph­i­cal boosts you’d ex­pect so you’ll be able to pop heads in glo­ri­ously high def­i­ni­tion.

03 The Witcher 3

Now is the time to dig out your old copy of the great­est open-world game re­leased to date and re­visit it with all of the en­hanced bells and whis­tles it de­serves. Just imag­ine strolling through Novi­grad in 4K, or even just the coun­try­side with its wind-blasted forests and rolling hills. The up­date is promised for ‘be­fore the end of the year’ so might not quite make it for the con­soles launch, but this will be the game to get just for the sheer spec­ta­cle of it. Naked Ger­alt loung­ing in his bath tub has never looked bet­ter.

01 Forza Mo­tor­sport 7s

This is the poster child for Xbox One X. We’re not sure how many goats the de­vel­op­ers had to sac­ri­fice, but there def­i­nitely must be some witch­craft in­volved to make a game look this good. It’s es­pe­cially ap­par­ent in how the cars look as they tear around a track, the shifts in light di­rec­tion re­flect off of the cars’ sur­faces so nat­u­rally some­times you for­get that they’re not real. They’ve also man­aged to keep a con­sis­tently high per­for­mance so the game is promised to run just as well as it looks. The devs have been so good at mak­ing en­hance­ments for the con­sole, that they’ve even ad­vised other de­vel­op­ers on how to ap­proach their own en­hance­ments. If you take the plunge and buy an X, make sure you grab this to show it off at its best.

02 Rise Of The Tomb Raider

If you want to test what the Xbox One X can do then this is the game you’ll want to add to your col­lec­tion. It has a few dif­fer­ent choices for its en­hance­ments that let you pri­ori­tise if you want to run the game with full na­tive 4K res­o­lu­tion, en­hance light­ing and tex­tures, or if you want to go down the slicker per­for­mance route that will give you slightly less of a vis­ual boost, but will make all of that leap­ing about and tomb-ex­plor­ing far smoother. We look for­ward to ex­per­i­ment­ing to find out just which type of en­hanced per­for­mance we pre­fer.

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