Space ex­plorer fi­nally gets the re­lease it de­serves

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Af­ter a tumultuous start marred by con­tro­versy and in­flated ex­pec­ta­tions back in Au­gust 2016, the ex­pand­ing uni­verse of No Man’s Sky has un­der­gone quite the trans­for­ma­tion.

You might be aware of the drama of ‘un­ful­filled prom­ises’, as many gamers ex­pected fea­tures such as be­ing able to play in mul­ti­player that weren’t com­mu­ni­cated well and was talked about a great deal in gam­ing cir­cles at the time. But don’t worry, the game has changed a lot since then. Thank­fully all that fuss has put it in a great po­si­tion for Xbox One own­ers – it’s been up­dated loads since with more changes on the way, mean­ing we get the su­pe­rior ver­sion right from the get go.

It’s an ac­tion-ad­ven­ture sur­vival game that fo­cuses on ex­plo­ration of ran­domly gen­er­ated plan­ets and so­lar sys­tems. You start with a crashed ship on one planet that you need to fix us­ing re­sources you find ly­ing about, but along the way you’ll find all sorts of weird and won­der­ful crea­tures that have also been ran­domly gen­er­ated. From lop-sided di­nosaurs to fluffy but hor­ri­bly dan­ger­ous an­kle-bit­ing mon­strosi­ties with scut­tling crab legs, you never know what you’ll meet next. Al­most ev­ery­thing you see will be a com­pletely new dis­cov­ery for you to name and re­search, although you can find ar­eas where other explorers have trav­elled be­fore and stum­ble across their dis­cov­er­ies.

As you find more up­grades for your ship you’ll be able to start plan­ethop­ping and then even­tu­ally jump to dif­fer­ent star sys­tems. You’ll also find space sta­tions in­hab­ited by alien races you can in­ter­act with or even be­come em­broiled in ship bat­tles. As you ex­plore fur­ther you’ll find odd mon­u­ments and fragments of lore that piece to­gether a wider story sur­round­ing the uni­verse. You’ll find your­self push­ing closer and closer to the very cen­tre to see what se­crets await for you there.

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The jour­ney won’t be easy, how­ever, as along with ran­domly gen­er­ated flora and fauna, you’ll also have to deal with ex­treme tem­per­a­tures and dif­fer­ent at­mos­phere types that could prove toxic to you. You can up­grade your ar­mour to help mit­i­gate it a lit­tle as you go, as well as up­grad­ing your mul­ti­tool to be more pow­er­ful or weaponised. That’ll par­tic­u­larly come in handy should you en­counter hos­tile sen­tinels – roam­ing ro­botic eye­ball things that scan you for hos­tile ac­tions, or just out­right at­tack you for the mis­take of ex­ist­ing.

The Xbox One ver­sion will in­clude all of the pre­vi­ous up­dates as well as the up­com­ing ‘Next’ up­date that’s said to be the big­gest one yet. That means you’ll be able to build and cus­tomise your own base on a ‘home planet’ of your choos­ing, but if that feels too sta­tion­ary for your lik­ing, then you can al­ways choose to get your­self a star­ship freighter to cus­tomise in a sim­i­lar way as a trav­el­ling base. Un­for­tu­nately there still isn’t a lot of info on what else is be­ing added and Sean Mur­ray, co-founder and MD of Hello Games, is re­main­ing tight-lipped: “We know that there is a lot of hunger out there for news and up­dates on

No Man’s Sky. We ap­pre­ci­ate your pa­tience, and we prom­ise we are work­ing hard to re­ward it.”

Af­ter al­most two years since its launch it feels like we’re fi­nally go­ing to get to play the ul­ti­mate ver­sion of this beau­ti­ful uni­verse. If you’ve stayed away un­til now, this will be the per­fect time to set off on a starstud­ded space jour­ney of your own.

“You’ll be able to build your own base on a ‘home planet’ of your choos­ing”

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