Who watches the neigh­bour­hood watch­men?

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You’ve been wak­ing up on the out­skirts of town, cov­ered in dirt, blood un­der your fin­ger­nails. You have no rec­ol­lec­tion of what’s go­ing on. Scared, con­cerned, doubt­ing your san­ity, you walk home… barely summoning the courage to share the or­deal with your friends. You re­alise, with hor­ror, that this isn’t just hap­pen­ing to you.

The rest of your teenage crew are liv­ing this night­mare, too. And worse yet, one of your best mates has gone miss­ing. You form a club, de­ter­mined to get to the bot­tom of this Kingesque mys­tery. You call your­selves (wait for it) The Blackout Club.

It’s It- meets- Stranger Thingsmeets-Clover­field: The Game. Pri­mar­ily a stealth game, The Blackout Club’s most com­pelling as­pect is that it pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ates you ob­jec­tives to ful­fil. That means, de­spite the constant, un­nerv­ing force that lurks just be­low the sur­face of the game at all times, no two playthroughs will be the same. Think of it as the We Happy

Few re­made by the Left4Dead team and you’re on the right street.

In the game, you’ll pick up dif­fer­ent loot ev­ery time, you’ll en­counter dif­fer­ent en­e­mies ev­ery time, you’ll have to reach dif­fer­ent ar­eas of the town, or en­counter fel­low (ter­ri­fied) kids ev­ery time. Your main weapon is your phone: you need to use it to fig­ure out what the hell is go­ing on.

Kids on the block

The adults in The Blackout Club don’t seem to be­lieve the kids and their con­cerns – well, it’s ei­ther that, or they sim­ply don’t care. So you and your crew need to ex­plore parts of your neigh­bour­hood and doc­u­ment the weird go­ings on in the town.

You’ll need in­tel­li­gence, im­pro­vi­sa­tion and skill to sur­vive the night in The Blackout Club: threats come in the form of sleep­walk­ing lo­cals, rel­a­tives of the kids that seem hell­bent on drag­ging them into the town’s ter­ri­fy­ing un­der­belly. In or­der to de­ter en­e­mies and avoid ab­duc­tion, you need to suc­cess­fully rig di­ver­sions to throw them off the scent.

Us­ing tools such as drones, noise­mak­ers and grap­pling hooks, you can out­wit and out­ma­noeu­vre these oddly pow­er­ful forces that re­ally don’t like the idea you can doc­u­ment them. Of course, en route to find­ing out the truth, you’ll learn dif­fer­ent skills and sur­vival tac­tics – de­pend­ing on how you per­form when you’re out and about, you’ll level up back at your Club HQ. The more ev­i­dence you gather, the bet­ter items you’ll get to use in fu­ture.

In The Blackout Club, no one be­lieves you. Some­thing is com­ing for you – for your friends – and no mat­ter how loud you shout, noth­ing hap­pens. So it’s time to take things into your own hands.

“The more ev­i­dence you gather, the bet­ter items you’ll get to use in fu­ture”

Be­low The Blackout Club’s misty, mys­te­ri­ous neigh­bour­hood re­lies on its fa­mil­iar­ity to come across creepy – like all the best Stephen King hor­rors.

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