A su­per fit for a su­per team

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Fi­nally, the Lego cross­over game that we’ve all been wait­ing for – the fash­ion-for­ward su­per fam­ily that is The In­cred­i­bles are get­ting their own brick-based coun­ter­parts. It feels like the per­fect Lego set-up with each char­ac­ter hav­ing dif­fer­ent su­per pow­ers to keep the ac­tion var­ied, while also hav­ing that nor­mal fam­ily as­pect to pro­vide plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties for jokes.

The game it­self will start by fol­low­ing the events of the first movie that orig­i­nally came out in 2004, as well as the events of the se­quel which is due out just be­fore the game goes on sale. That means you’ll get to see ev­ery­one club to­gether to face off against Syn­drome’s gad­gets and su­per ro­bot. The sec­ond half seems to have a more hu­man fo­cus as Elasti­girl is called back into hero ser­vice while Mr In­cred­i­ble is left try­ing to man­age his su­per-pow­ered kids – eas­ier said than done when it in­volves look­ing af­ter a baby who can’t con­trol any of his pow­ers yet; a hy­per­ac­tive, hy­per­fast young son; and a moody, psy­chic teenage daugh­ter.

While very lit­tle about the game­play has been re­vealed so far, it’s safe to ex­pect plenty of puz­zle-solv­ing es­capades us­ing var­i­ous char­ac­ter pow­ers such as stretch­ing over gaps to make bridges us­ing Elasti­girl, break­ing re­ally tough things with Mr In­cred­i­ble, and mov­ing things with your mind as Vi­o­let. Though there’s one scene from the films that we’d love to see recre­ated in a game – where Vi­o­let uses her psy­chic en­ergy to cre­ate a ham­ster ball-like force field for her younger brother Dash to run in and bowl peo­ple over with. We can al­ready pic­ture a Su­per Mon­key

Ball- style rolling level – here’s hop­ing that comes true.

Su­per suits you

As well as the main fam­ily ice­ma­nip­u­la­tor, Fro­zone will also play a part, and you can ex­pect an ap­pear­ance from the best de­signer in the busi­ness, the tiny but fear­less Edna Mode. With her huge per­son­al­ity and strict rules about capes she’s sure to have some of the best lines in the game. It’s also in­ter­est­ing to see the game come out so close to the movie, mean­ing the de­vel­op­ers will al­ready know ev­ery­thing there is to know about In­cred­i­bles 2 long be­fore any­one else has seen it, in or­der to make the game. It must be a strange po­si­tion to be in hav­ing to stay so quiet about some­thing so huge for so long.

With the Lego games al­ways be­ing great ex­am­ples of fam­ily games you can play to­gether, we’ve got high hopes for this one de­liv­er­ing that same level of qual­ity with plenty of ac­tion, build­ing and hearty laughs along the way.

“It’s in­ter­est­ing to see the game come out so close to the movie”

Be­low One of Syn­drome’s deadly ro­bots that’s de­signed to take out he­roes.

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