Blow up the com­pe­ti­tion in ex­plo­sive are­nas

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Born in the less tech­ni­cally in­clined times of 1983, the premise of

Bomberman hasn’t changed much at all over the last two decades, but it also hasn’t re­ally needed to. It’s a sim­ple but ex­tremely tight bat­tle of plac­ing bombs in a small, grid-like arena and us­ing the blasts to knock out your op­po­nents be they AI or hu­man. There are power ups that can boost your move­ment speed and the range of your blasts which are re­vealed af­ter break­ing blocks, so it be­comes a tense race to nab these be­fore any­one else does and make sure they’re close enough to your en­emy to de­stroy them.

The main cam­paign con­sists of 50 stages that you can play solo or in co-op and plays out a bit like a se­ries of puz­zles as you trap and ex­plode en­e­mies to progress. There is a ba­sic plot too – Em­peror Bug­gler has an­nounced his plans to con­quer the uni­verse us­ing five res­ur­rected ro­bots and you have to travel to dif­fer­ent worlds to de­feat him.

Tak­ing on the main role as big brother White bomber you need to cho­rale all seven of your younger, mul­ti­coloured sib­lings to help you along the way. The story def­i­nitely isn’t go­ing to win any Os­cars, but it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter when the fo­cus is all on the game­play it­self.

Bombs away

There are also sev­eral dif­fer­ent on­line modes, in­clud­ing an eight­player tour­na­ment and 19 dif­fer­ent bat­tle­ground are­nas, which in­clude sim­ple clas­sic stages, mul­ti­level ones with spring boards and oth­ers with slip­pery ice that af­fect your move­ment and add more dan­ger to your bomb place­ment. There’s also ‘Grand Prix’ mode, which pits teams of three against each other where you can ei­ther count the to­tal gems gath­ered for a win or the to­tal num­ber of times you ex­plode some­one, mak­ing for some re­ally manic bat­tles. Xbox own­ers also get an added ex­tra if they grab the game in the form of a Master Chief skin for their Bomber, and those that pre­order will get shiny ver­sions of each of the char­ac­ters as well.

It pre­vi­ously re­leased on the Switch and was praised for its mul­ti­player, re­ceiv­ing sev­eral up­dates and ad­di­tions over time – the Xbox One ver­sion will in­clude all of the ex­tra con­tent right from the start so we’ll be get­ting the best ver­sion of the game right from the word go.

It may not be the big­gest game in the world, but it’s still one to keep your eye on as there’s noth­ing else quite like a Bomberman arena. With so many modes there’s a lot to look for­ward to if you’re a fan of the se­ries, and this is a great op­por­tu­nity for new, mod­ern au­di­ences to give it a try. More tiny flame than big ex­plo­sion.

“The Xbox One ver­sion will in­clude all of the ex­tra con­tent from the start”

Above Xbox One play­ers get an ex­clu­sive Master Chief themed bomber to play as. Nice gloves.

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