Go­ing fur­ther afield in our Ex­plore seg­ment this month, we join the well­trav­elled Com­man­der Shep­ard and check out some of the amaz­ing lo­ca­tions in the Mass Ef­fect tril­ogy

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Pub­lisher Elec­tronic Arts / De­vel­oper BioWare / re­lease dates 2007 – 2012 Citadel, Widow, Ser­pent Neb­ula Mass Ef­fect 3

Ev­ery visit that Shep­ard has made to this enor­mous space sta­tion has been event­ful. She over­saw the de­struc­tion of the Reaper, Sovereign, be­came the face of ev­ery shop that wanted her en­dorse­ment, scored a sweet apart­ment to live in, car­ried out a heist in one of its casi­nos, ri­fled through the se­cret coun­cil ar­chives and even dis­cov­ered that she had a clone. So, yeah. Event­ful.

Thes­sia, Parintha, Athena Neb­ula Mass Ef­fect 3

Shep­ard went to this beau­ti­ful Asari home­world with Liara on a mis­sion to re­trieve an an­cient Prothean arte­fact that could help in the con­struc­tion of a su­per­weapon to de­feat the Reapers. The jour­ney was made a lit­tle com­pli­cated be­cause the Reapers had al­ready started the in­va­sion of the planet, turn­ing it into a war zone. Un­for­tu­nately the mis­sion ended in fail­ure and the Reapers took the planet.

Manae, Pala­van, Tre­bia, Apien Crest Mass Ef­fect 3

The Turian home­world of Pala­van was just an­other planet to fall un­der at­tack from the Reapers. It seemed that not even the strong­est mil­i­tary force in the galaxy could stand up to this in­va­sion. Shep­ard ar­rives on its moon just in time and, thanks to her role in cur­ing the genophage, suc­cess­fully se­cures an al­liance be­tween the Turi­ans and the Kro­gans and man­age to push back the Reaper in­va­sion.

Tuchanka, Aralakh, Kro­gan DMZ Mass Ef­fect 3

When Shep­ard vis­ited the Kro­gan home­world the first time she re­united with her old friend, Wrex, who ended up be­com­ing the leader of the Urd­not clan try­ing to unite all Kro­gans. Be­cause of this she was able se­cure her new Kro­gan team mate, Grunt’s, place within the clan. But the sec­ond time she went there she went one bet­ter and cured the genophage and with it the Kro­gans’ sup­port in the Reaper in­va­sion.

Sur’Kesh, Pranus, An­nos Basin Mass Ef­fect 3

The Salar­ian home­world is a nat­u­ral beauty thanks to its lush jun­gles. Af­ter dis­cov­er­ing that a cure for the genophage – a bi­o­log­i­cal weapon that dras­ti­cally stunts Kro­gans’ abil­ity to breed – was pos­si­ble, the Kro­gans de­manded that they be cured be­fore any help would be given in the on­com­ing Reaper in­va­sion. Shep­ard man­aged to ex­tract the last fe­male that could make this cure pos­si­ble.

Col­lec­tor Base, Tar­tarus De­bris Field, Ga­lac­tic Core Mass Ef­fect 2

Shep­ard trav­elled through the Omega 4 Re­lay on a sui­cide mis­sion to reach the Col­lec­tor’s ‘home­world’, which is nes­tled among a de­bris field within a black hole’s ac­cre­tion disc near the galaxy’s core. Turns out the Col­lec­tors were mak­ing a hu­man/ Reaper hy­brid us­ing ge­netic ma­te­rial from ab­ducted hu­man colonists. Yikes.

Omega, Sahrabarik, Ser­pent Neb­ula Mass Ef­fect 2

Ruled by the asari ‘Pi­rate Queen’, Aria T’Loak, this cor­rupt coun­ter­part to the Citadel has ev­ery­thing your fiendish heart could ever de­sire, and more. Shep­ard vis­ited here to recruit salar­ian sci­en­tist Mordin So­lus and trust­wor­thy Turian ally Gar­rus Vakar­ian to help take on the Reapers. Af­ter stop­ping off for a drink at the After­life club, Shep­ard learnt never to trust a Batar­ian bar­tender.

Nove­ria, Pax, Horse Head Neb­ula Mass Ef­fect

This icy tun­dra of a planet is where sci­en­tists go to con­duct re­search that’s too dan­ger­ous to do else­where. In­ves­ti­gat­ing Geth ac­tiv­ity Shep­ard dis­cov­ers that the once ex­tinct Rachni species are alive, but not nec­es­sar­ily well. Shep­ard saves the in­sect-like ones from a sec­ond geno­cide and gives them the op­por­tu­nity to learn from their an­ces­tors’ mis­takes and not de­stroy ev­ery other species in the galaxy.

Ran­noch, Tikkun, Perseus Veil Mass Ef­fect 3

A Reaper base con­trol­ling the Geth was lo­cated on this for­mer Quar­ian home­world and Shep­ard was sent in to at­tempt to de­stroy it. But Shep­ard be­ing Shep­ard she not only man­aged to free the Geth from the Reapers’ in­flu­ence by de­stroy­ing an ac­tual Reaper but also bro­kered a truce be­tween the Quar­i­ans and Geth, set­tling an in­ter­minable 300 years of con­flict. Not bad for a day’s work.

Ilos, Refuge, Pangea Ex­panse Mass Ef­fect

The re­dis­cov­ery of the mass ef­fect Mu Re­lay, which was knocked out of or­bit due to a nearby star that went su­per­nova, al­lowed Shep­ard to reach Ilos. There was some­thing quite won­der­ful about vis­it­ing a planet that hadn’t been vis­ited by a sin­gle soul for al­most 50,000 years, but also some­thing quite sad know­ing that this was where the last Prothean race died out.

Vir­mire, Hoc, Sen­try Omega Mass Ef­fect

Shep­ard came to this beau­ti­ful trop­i­cal par­adise to res­cue a salar­ian re­con­nais­sance team but finds out that the rogue Spec­tre, Saren, is try­ing to cre­ate his own Kro­gan army. Along with Cap­tain Kir­rahe and his Spe­cial Task Group, Shep­ard puts a stop to his ne­far­i­ous plans but along the way dis­cov­ers a shock­ing truth about the Reapers. The mis­sion ended in tragedy as Shep­ard was forced to sac­ri­fice a mem­ber of her team.

Feros, Th­e­seus, At­ti­can Beta Mass Ef­fect

The Ex­oGeni Cor­po­ra­tion thought that a planet with the ma­jor­ity of its sur­face cov­ered in Prothean ru­ins would be the per­fect lo­ca­tion to set­tle a hu­man colony. Lit­tle did the colony know that the planet was al­ready home to an an­cient be­ing known as the Tho­rian, which de­cided to en­slave them. Thank­fully Shep­ard stopped it, re­pelled a Geth in­va­sion and de­stroyed the Tho­rian, thus sav­ing the day.

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