Ridicu­lous Rico Ro­driguez is back, and he’s bring­ing all the big ex­plo­sions

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Pub­lisheR Square Enix De­vel­oper Avalanche Stu­dios For­mat Xbox One ETA 4 De­cem­ber 2018

You would have thought that Avalanche Stu­dios had peaked with the third it­er­a­tion of its over-thetop open-world ac­tion ad­ven­ture sand­box se­ries. Where ex­actly do you go af­ter man­u­ally top­pling sev­eral dic­ta­tor­ships, ma­jes­ti­cally dis­arm­ing a bunch of nu­clear mis­siles on their way to oblit­er­a­tion, or tak­ing down a he­li­copter in the mid­dle of an ac­tive vol­cano? Well, you make it bigger and bet­ter, of course. You find an op­pres­sive force to rub out and add a new en­vi­ron­men­tal threat in the form of ex­treme de­struc­tive weather. Oh, and pro­vide a whole bunch of new and cre­ative ways in which to blow stuff up.

Set in the fic­tional South Amer­i­can is­land of So­lis, se­ries pro­tag­o­nist Rico Ro­driguez re­turns in what ap­pears to be his most chal­leng­ing ad­ven­ture yet. In the big­gest world Avalanche has ever cre­ated, you’ll be go­ing up against hi-tech pri­vate mil­i­tary group the Black Hand, ruled by the enig­matic Gabriela Mo­rales, and at­tempt to un­cover the truth be­hind Rico’s fa­ther’s past. This won’t be easy, as you’ll also be com­pet­ing with a dy­namic weather sys­tem that rages through­out the is­land. You might get caught up in re­lent­less tor­na­does, drive-through blis­ter­ing sand­storms, dodge light­ing in trop­i­cal storms or brave bone-chill­ing bliz­zards. All made pos­si­ble thanks to the brand new ver­sion of Avalanche’s Apex en­gine. At one point dur­ing a hands-off demo we wit­ness the sav­agery of the tor­nado as it rips through an air­port on its way to the cap­i­tal city as Rico fights off re­sis­tance from the Black Hand.

Any­thing that’s not tied down is torn to pieces and pulled into the vi­cious vor­tex. It’s dev­as­tat­ing and im­pres­sive and we can’t wait to see what the other weather sys­tems do.

Winging it

All of Rico’s tools of the trade are back, such as the para­chute and wing suit so you can hap­pily glide through the world with the help of pro­ce­dural and dy­namic wind cur­rents. There’s also the new and im­proved fully cus­tomis­able grap­pling hook which can now de­ploy rocket boost­ers, in­stead of hav­ing to be in close prox­im­ity to ap­ply them to the ob­ject. It also gets an air­lift func­tion. At­tach bal­loons to any ob­ject, such as ve­hi­cles, and you can send them up into the air. You can even get the hook to fol­low you wher­ever you go. Com­bine this with the boost­ers and you can make a fly­ing car.

All of these im­prove­ments al­low you to be more cre­atively de­struc­tive than ever be­fore and we can’t wait to see more. Just as we thought we were done with Rico and his mag­netism for ac­tion and chaos, we get pulled right back in.

“There’s a new and im­proved fully cus­tomis­able grap­pling hook”

Be­low Take your pick of mean weapons to blow stuff up with.

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