Strange things are afoot in this ’80s Scan­di­na­vian sci-fi shooter

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For­get time-trav­el­ling cars, lit­tle crea­tures that you can’t get wet, or the in­sa­tiable need to dance. This is a dif­fer­ent type of ’80s ex­pe­ri­ence.

Just Cause de­vel­op­ers Avalanche are self-pub­lish­ing a new, stranger, open-world ac­tion shooter in which you can play ei­ther on your own or co­op­er­a­tively with up to three friends.

Set in Swe­den to­wards the end of 1989, you and your friends re­turn home on a boat af­ter a short trip away and be­fore reach­ing the shore you’re at­tacked by an un­known en­emy. You soon dis­cover that this un­known en­emy is a hos­tile force of ro­bots. Clearly some­thing has gone ter­ri­bly wrong. Cars are over­turned, homes have been aban­doned and there doesn’t seem to be a soul in sight. It’s now down to you and your friends to take on this mys­te­ri­ous in­va­sion of ma­chines and fig­ure out what went wrong, but you’ll need to learn to sur­vive first.

To do this you’ll need to sal­vage every­thing you can from your sur­round­ings, and em­ploy guerilla tac­tics to re­move this metal­lic menace. You’ll find a whole range of weapons, of vary­ing qual­ity, through­out the game, all of which can be up­graded with at­tach­ments. A stan­dard ri­fle can be turned into a sniper ri­fle with the help of a scope, for ex­am­ple. All of this scav­eng­ing will re­ward you with not just weapons, am­mu­ni­tion and tools, but also doc­u­ments that will shed some light on what’s been go­ing on and give you a hint as to where to in­ves­ti­gate next. Then there’s the ap­parel. Gen­er­a­tion

Zero in­dulges in clas­sic ’80s fash­ion and al­lows you to spice up your char­ac­ter’s style. These won’t just be cos­metic, they’ll also give you stat im­prove­ments. A pair of shoes, for ex­am­ple, will give you a boost in speed and in­crease the height of your jump.

Short cir­cuit

But you won’t just need weapons and cool ’80s threads, you’ll also need to make use of the en­vi­ron­ment and ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent tac­tics. Like blow­ing up gen­er­a­tors to in­ca­pac­i­tate en­e­mies, or us­ing boom­boxes that blast synth tunes to lure en­e­mies to spe­cific lo­ca­tions.

What’s fas­ci­nat­ing is that ev­ery en­emy you come across is a per­sis­tent en­tity within the world and any dam­age they sus­tain will show un­til they’re de­stroyed. And given that the map is huge (every­thing you see is ex­plorable) you may find your­self bump­ing into a fa­mil­iar foe weeks down the line.

All of this cul­mi­nates in a thor­oughly in­trigu­ing shooter and makes it very easy to get ex­cited about Gen­er­a­tion Zero. I mean how of­ten do we get to blow up ro­bots in 1980s Swe­den?

“Gen Zero al­lows you to spice up your char­ac­ter’s style with clas­sic ’80s fash­ion”

Be­low We’re re­minded just a lit­tle bit of Re­turn Of The Jedi here.

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