Chron­i­cles of Rid­dick

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pub­lisher atari / last seen 2009

The law of av­er­ages dic­tated that one day, a game-of-a-film would be made that was bet­ter than the movie which spawned it. And lo, Chron­i­cles Of Rid dick: Es­cape From Butcher Bay was re­leased in 2004. It didn’t have to be much cop to out­shine Vin Diesel’s flick but, as­ton­ish­ingly, it was re­ally good. The mix of shoot­ing, puz­zling and stealth as you ex­tracted Rid­dick from prison gelled su­perbly. 2009’s se­quel was tasty, too. Ac­tivi­sion Bl­iz­zard picked up the rights to the fran­chise but sold them to Atari, which is ru­moured to still ex­ist in some form, but ex­plains the ab­sence of any sub­se­quent Rid­dick ac­tion.

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