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pub­lisher atari / last seen 2008

Most peo­ple pre­sume that Cap­com’s Res­i­dent Evil in­vented sur­vival hor­ror, but it didn’t: that hon­our goes in­stead to 1992’s Alone In The Dark. It’s im­pos­si­ble to over­state how ground­break­ing it seemed at the time, in­tro­duc­ing the trope of the creepy man­sion and set­ting new stan­dards for 3D graph­ics in an age of sprites. Pub­lisher In­fo­grames had no qualms about milk­ing the fran­chise, pub­lish­ing three se­quels be­tween 1993 and 2001, with ever-di­min­ish­ing re­turns. Fol­low­ing In­fo­grames’ demise, Atari re­leased a rather un­con­vinc­ing (and very buggy) re­boot of Alone In The Dark in 2008, which, like 2001’s Alone

In The Dark: A New Night­mare, aban­doned the orig­i­nal games’ 1920s set­ting and su­per-creepy Love­craftian gothic vibe for a mod­ern set­ting. Love­craft is back in videogame fash­ion right now with both Call Of Cthulhu and Sink­ing City com­ing out, and so it’s high time some­one took the Alone In The Dark fran­chise back to its spine-chill­ing roots.

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