Go­ing over­board while sail­ing solo

Yachting Monthly - - EXPERT ON BOARD - MYTH 19: Solo sailors who fall over­board have no chance of self-re­cov­ery

R eceived wis­dom has it that a sin­gle­handed sailor who falls over­board is as good as dead, with no chance at all of sav­ing him­self. Some solo sailors cite this as the rea­son they don’t wear a life­jacket. BE­LOW: Noel has mod­i­fied this har­ness for solo sail­ing, adding a lad­der of web­bing loops stowed in the red sock This is not nec­es­sar­ily so for a strong per­son with the right kit. A solo sailor should al­ways be clipped to a jack­stay by a short tether. If a light­weight web­bing lad­der is built into the tether, it should be pos­si­ble, though not easy, to use it to climb aboard. If you wear an au­to­matic life­jacket, you must check that its in­fla­tion does not re­strict self-help ef­forts.

Noel is able to de­ploy the lad­der of web­bing loops and give him­self at least a fight­ing chance of climb­ing back aboard

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