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It’s not al­ways pos­si­ble to find 12V charg­ers for ev­ery­day equip­ment. It’s also not al­ways prac­ti­cal to be con­nected to shore­power all the time. If you want to run 240V kit on board, you’ll need an in­verter. Dometic has just launched its new range of in­vert­ers. The DSP in­vert­ers are avail­able for a con­tin­u­ous out­put of 150-6,000W and the DSP-T pre­mium range has four mod­els from 1300-3500W. All the DSP-T mod­els of the DSP rated over 600W have the op­tion of a smart re­mote con­trol and smart standby mode when no en­ergy is re­quired, re­duc­ing draw to 0.2A.

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