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Of that fe­male ten per cent, there is also a marked di­vide be­tween the types of pro­fes­sional cour­ses fe­male stu­dents have his­tor­i­cally taken up. “We’ve just had a new Yacht­mas­ter course start to­day,” says Wil­lows, “It’s the first day, and there’s no women on it. The course that’s hap­pen­ing next door is our su­pery­acht foun­da­tion course, train­ing to work as stew­ardesses and run the core of the in­te­rior on su­pery­achts, and I think 10 out of 12 are them are girls. There’s a big split.”

Susie Goodall com­pleted her Yacht­mas­ter six years ago, and went on to work on board su­pery­achts. Her ex­pe­ri­ence tal­lies with Wil­lows’s ob­ser­va­tions. “The wa­ter­sports cour­ses were not quite 50:50, but by the time you got to yacht­ing it was usu­ally just me or maybe one other girl. That’s just the way it was, and the way it still is. I just saw it as a man’s world, and you just ac­cept that you’re go­ing to be out­num­bered.”

Rachel Trew also com­pleted her Coastal Yacht­mas­ter more re­cently, and had a sim­i­lar gen­der bal­ance on her cour­ses. “I was one of two girls that were do­ing the Yacht­mas­ter course with 15

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