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The two big­gest changes are winches to con­trol the main­sheet, repli­cat­ing the sys­tem on the pre­vi­ous Yes!, and a keel-stepped mast. This sits on a jack that en­ables rig ten­sion to be quickly changed sim­ply by plac­ing shims of dif­fer­ent thick­nesses un­der the heel of the spar.

With the ar­guable ex­cep­tion of the mast jack, Yes! is a tweaked pro­duc­tion boat, as dis­tinct from a grand prix ves­sel. How­ever, they also opted for high-end elec­tron­ics, with a B&G H5000 sys­tem fit­ted by Di­verse Yacht Ser­vices. This has sen­sors for heel, fore-and-aft trim and forestay load, with the out­put logged along­side other per­for­mance data. This in­for­ma­tion has helped iden­tify op­ti­mum heel an­gles across a range of con­di­tions, which has been an im­por­tant part of get­ting the new boat up to speed quickly.

Im­por­tant tweaks

Other changes are pre­dom­i­nately tweaks to en­able the boat to be sailed more ef­fi­ciently. For in­stance, spin­nakers are al­ways hatch-hoisted from the fore­peak, even on the first down­wind leg. A cen­tral leecloth in the bunk en­ables two kites to be stowed there, so both a sym­met­ric and an asym­met­ric are al­ways ready for ac­tion.

The trans­verse jib sheet track is mounted above the deck, al­low­ing the line that con­trols the fore-and-aft po­si­tion of the clew to pass in a straight line un­der­neath it. An ex­tra block dou­bles the pur­chase com­pared to the stan­dard sys­tem. There’s no spe­cific line to con­trol the trav­eller car – re­leas­ing the in­hauler will al­low the car to drop to an out­board sheet­ing po­si­tion.

The stan­dard 10.80 deck lay­out has float­ing blocks at­tached to a deck ring, with lines turn­ing through deck or­gan­is­ers as they are led aft. This was changed so that clutches are aligned with their re­spec­tive lines, rather than the boat’s fore-and-aft line, which ob­vi­ates the need for the or­gan­is­ers, thus sav­ing weight and re­duc­ing fric­tion.

Ev­ery­thing on the boat is cal­i­brated. Every hal­yard, sheet, tweaker and in­hauler is marked with whip­ping. Even the track for the in­board end of the pole is clearly la­belled so it can be raised to ex­actly the right point in min­i­mal time.

The ap­proach to set­ting up has clearly paid off. This year – the boat’s first sea­son – Gosling again won Class 5, Black Group over­all, and the tro­phy for the en­tire re­gatta at Aberdeen As­set Man­age­ment Cowes Week. Sim­i­larly, he took 1st over­all in his class at the IRC Na­tion­als and was 16th mono­hull to fin­ish the JP Mor­gan As­set Man­age­ment Round the Is­land Race, beat­ing many much higher rated boats and win­ning Class 1 both on the water and on cor­rected time by an im­pres­sive mar­gin.

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