How to out­ma­noeu­vre your op­po­nent at the mark

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The boat to wind­ward in the pic­ture is at a lower an­gle than us. Their goal there is to get onto our wind and then head back up again. This is known as ‘killing some­one early’.

In a more con­ven­tional boat down­wind, it is the boat be­hind that sits on your wind. With foil­ing that can’t hap­pen. That is one of the big dif­fer­ences with a boat this fast. To be on the wind of some­one down­wind, you need to be ahead of them just like you do up­wind be­cause the ap­par­ent wind is so far for­ward. In strong winds, if you pull off a proper gybe you will never have some­one tak­ing your wind down the run. You can roll an­other boat but only by over­tak­ing them. Ba­si­cally, this sort of sail­ing is about your own tac­tics and strat­egy, and ex­e­cut­ing the move well.

Bal­anc­ing speed with safety

One of the key things about cata­ma­rans in par­tic­u­lar, as op­posed to fast boats in gen­eral, is that they have very lit­tle vol­ume for­wards – not much bow. This means a cata­ma­ran feels like it’s

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