Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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COOL EATS W hen lockdown was announced, Rebecca and Bruce Elsworth were ready. The husband and wife, owners of the cool Skipton restaurant they opened a little over two years ago, knew they had to act. ‘We could see what was coming, even before the announceme­nt was made,’ says Rebecca. ‘The restaurant was getting quieter. We decided to close before the official lockdown announceme­nt. We needed a plan.’ Their foresight paid off and within a few days that plan was made. They launched Elsworth at Home, a food delivery service giving diners a taste of the restaurant. At the height of lockdown, they were cooking hundreds of meals each week to be distribute­d to diners within a five-mile radius and enlisted the help of family to do deliveries. Food boxes for Father’s Day – which contained 18 different delicious morsels from serrano ham to artisan chutney - were again ordered in their droves and chef Bruce, who was working solo while Rebecca looked after twoyear-old daughter Florence, was changing the menus every week. Add to that cooking breakfasts, lunch and dinner for a local nursing home, they were busier than ever. ‘It was fight of flight,’ says Rebecca. ‘And the second wasn’t an option. We were just coming up to our second full year of being open, and we weren’t ready to give up. ‘When they first opened, they were determined to become a place beloved by the community. Their dream was fulfilled.’ ‘Bruce has had a hard time. He had to adapt to take away meals that can be put in a container, the usual type of food he does isn’t your typical takeaway food. But we wanted to do some of our signature dishes and those really comforting meals, the ones that hit the spot for people when in such a challengin­g and unknown situation. Beef goulash, fish pie and beef bourguigno­n were put on the menus. ‘It was a big challenge getting Not just a place to eat but part of the community Hard at work on the pass Yorkshire Life: October 2020 109 Š

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