Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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91 Catch of the day Heather Dixon You’ll find all the lobster love as we chat to fisherman Bob Roberts. There is nothing he doesn’t know about fishing. Now he’s teamed up with Thixendale rapeseed farmers to elevate the already lofty lobster to new levels. 118 Best Yorkshire life 15 TV’s Dr Amir shares his favourite places Autumn glory 20 Gorgeous scenes in our readers’ photos gallery Spooky bakes By Kathryn Armstrong Leeds’ Bake Off favourite Helen Garcia will have you producing some wicked bakes this Halloween. She shares recipes from her new cookbook, full of cakes and treats to die for. Brilliant boltholes 54 Places to getaway to this autumn Let’s move to Wharfedale 77 Live in the land of All Creatures 132 Cool kitchen 108 The Skipton couple cooking up a restaurant that cares The Furnituris­t 138 Designs for a new age A workshop with wow By Heather Dixon What’s On 180 There are grand designs and then there is this quirky home in York. This striking urban property used to be a dilapidate­d mechanical garage. Discover this bestkept secret. County happenings Crossword 208 Test your brain power My weekend 210 Beverley Racecourse’s Sally Iggulden Now you can buy single issues of Yorkshire Life online. To save £1 on the November issue just visit buyamag.co.uk/Yorkshire and enter the discount code ‘YOR1120’ Yorkshire Life: October 2020 11 Š

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