Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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INTERIORS NEWS AUTUMNAL PRESERVES It’s not just the fruit harvest we can preserve to give us a burst of colour in the cooler months. The flowers and stems in Dowsing & Reynolds’ range of preserved foliage are treated with a natural, fully biodegrada­ble substance at just the right moment in their life cycle; no harsh chemicals are used in this process, with the plant’s natural sap replaced by an eco-friendly preservati­ve, ensuring the plants and flowers retain their flexibilit­y and ‘freshness’ for years, unlike dried alternativ­es. Domestic bliss Red Hydrangea, £19.99, dowsingand­reynolds.com With travel continuing to be up in the air (no pun intended), Atrafloor’s new vinyl floor collection takes its inspiratio­n from sunny climes. Marrakech is inspired by traditiona­l Moroccan circular mosaics, Lisbon channels Portuguese tiles, Agra combines stunning colours with Islamic geometric patterns, while Azulejos is perfect for turning any space into a blue-hued Mediterran­ean paradise. £59 per square metre, atrafloor.com/shop 3 of the best TRAVEL POSTERS ART OF GLASS Interior designer and antiques dealer Holly Johnson has introduced her own striking range of Murano glass vases, designed and produced in collaborat­ion with some of Italy’s most prominent, contempora­ry glass artists. ‘We’ve always sold pieces from the art deco period and the 1950s, but this is a modern range to run alongside,’ Holly says, who with her husband Ben decided to create their own range because they love the colours, organic qualities and luminosity of glass. Grand Canyon, The Eternal City, Ski gondola, from £19, rocketjack.co.uk From £1,800, hollyjohns­onantiques.com from £49, made.com from £12.95, desenio.com 144 Yorkshire Life: October 2020 Š

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