Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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MY YORKSHIRE WEEKEND Destinatio­ns for downtime and reason to relax. And breathe… The week is all about… We are a small, close knit team at Beverley Racecourse and as chief executive, this year has been an incredible, unforeseen challenge and I’m so proud of how my small team have risen to the challenge. We were given the go ahead to resume sport in June albeit under very different circumstan­ces to the norm. With only key participan­ts in attendance, atmosphere has definitely been lacking on race days but the solidarity amongst everyone has been so heart-warming. Sally Iggulden Friday night – cocktails or chill out? I’m not a big Friday night person! Quite often during the summer, we will have a race meeting on a Saturday or an early start as the racecourse will need to be walked in preparatio­n for upcoming fixtures. That said, once I have completed my usual evening routine of riding and caring for my horses, I will relax in front of the soaps with a nice glass of wine. is the chief executive of Beverley Racecourse who loves countrysid­e hacks, Michelin dining and heading off in a horsebox selection to refuel after riding. My husband George is a lawyer, working in the betting industry and in normal times is away quite regularly, so spending quality time together has been a cherished luxury. a Michelin star for several years. It is cosy and welcoming, not pretentiou­s, the food is to die for. James devises the menu for the premier restaurant at Beverley Racecourse, making us the only racecourse in the country where Michelin starred food is available at every meeting. Next year, we are branching out, with the Pipe and Glass at the Races for our Ladies Day on August 11. ABOVE: Sally Iggulden loves weekends filled with horse racing Saturday morning – Parkrun or papers? Retail therapy – where do you head? My free weekends are usually all about my own horses. Winter is all about finding the next superstar, and training them in preparatio­n for the show season. With no shows to attend this summer, the horses have enjoyed a more relaxing time, including visits to the wonderful sandy beach at Fraisthorp­e. My greatest pleasure in life is to buy diamonds in the rough, before anyone else spots their potential, and turn them into swans. My husband George groans when he sees me searching the internet, and then planning trips on a Saturday to fill an empty stable. Beverley is a haven for shopping. Big name brands sit alongside some fantastic local businesses and there really is something for everyone. I have seen shop numbers disappear because of the pandemic, and pray they will return. I am also a huge bargain hunter and spend time on various auction sites looking for the weird and wonderful. Sometimes these forays are less than successful: I forgot to check the dimensions of a vintage silver cup that I had purchased for the presentati­on of our Beverley Silver Cup Handicap – I unwrapped an egg cup, which explained the bargain price tag. Sunday chills? Most Sundays involve rising at some unearthly hour to head off in the horsebox to a show. It’s an addictive hobby and I have been lucky enough to enjoy great success, including a lifelong dream of a Show Hunter Champion at the prestigiou­s Horse of the Year Show, and a supreme hunter breeding title at the Great Yorkshire Show, which was incredibly special at our ‘local’ event. Feeding time – lunch, brunch or picnic Sunday night? Saturday night perfection is Definitely brunch – the lockdown taught us about the many wonderful local suppliers we have, including fresh eggs from my friend James Rook’s rare breed hens. We sit down to a good hearty mid-morning Both my husband and I follow horse racing very closely. Sunday evenings are spent catching up on what we have missed over the weekend and after racing, we switch to box sets which we tend to binge watch! A trip to the Pipe and Glass at South Dalton. George and I adore this gorgeous, homely pub that has the added benefit of being owned by the fantastic James Mackenzie, who has held N 210 Yorkshire Life: October 2020 Š

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