Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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AUTUMN GLORY than 40 varieties of apples and pears ripening at this time of year, or admire the plums, damsons, cherries and apples at Helmsley Walled Garden (helmsleywa­lledgarden.org.uk). FORAGING FOR TREASURE While you’re out enjoying the beautiful Yorkshire landscape, you might be tempted to do a bit of foraging – and there’s no better time than autumn. Local expert Chris Bax shares his recommenda­tions of what to look out for: ‘October is great for fungi, but you have to know what you’re doing. Yorkshire has some fantastic mycologica­l societies who can help you identify the fungi you find (visit to find your local one), or try the Collins Gem Mushrooms book by Patrick Harding. And never eat anything you can’t positively identify. ‘Another great ingredient is acorns. The oak is our national tree, but we don’t tend to use the acorns as ingredient­s, while in Italy they’re making acorn pasta, acorn noodles and more. They need to be processed, but once you’ve shelled, chopped and roasted them, they can be infused into milk or cream to make ice cream or panna cotta, or put in a cafetiere and used as acorn coffee. It’s delicious – like a chocolate, caramel, malt drink, and caffeine-free, though it does contain tannins. ‘Over on the coast, you can collect some brilliant seaweeds. Anything you find clinging to a rock is edible, but some of the best types are laver, dulse and pepper britmycols­oc.org.uk Waterfall at Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire. Water generates power for Gibson Mill via a water turbine Yorkshire apples at Helmsley Walled Garden Yorkshire Life: October 2020 37 Š

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