Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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Love the landscape Discover heritage and art on this beautiful nine mile leg-stretcher from Marsden to Northern Rotcher Paul Besley WORDS: 1 From Marsden Station take the canal towpath west to Tunnel End. Cross the canal bridge, go through the car park and walk up the grassy slope on the left. When you reach a lane, turn right and continue until you reach a junction with Waters Road. Go straight on, heading north-east, to a public footpath that rises up steps through a private garden on the left of a house. Exit via a wrought iron gate on to an unmade road. south-west over a stream and up a slope to a minor road. passing the Dinner Stone and leave Millstone Edge via a gate. Cross a walled field, walking over the remains of a wall to a second gate with a tall signpost beyond. Turn left and follow the footpath over a stile onto the National Trust Marsden Moor Estate. Follow a paved path down Thieves Clough, crossing Thieves Clough Bridge then bearing right to ford the stream. Continue and go through a gate to the A62 by the Great Western Inn. ABOVE: One of the many ancient routes across the moors. 3 Turn right following the road through Lower Green Owlers until the tarmac ends, then turn left along a track until it splits. Take the left-hand track uphill to a stile by a farm gate. Cross the stile and follow the footpath north-west towards March Haigh Reservoir. Go over the bridge at the foot of the dam and take the steep bank to meet the bridleway coming up Willykay Clough. 2 Turn left along the lane; pass through Berry Greave, go left at the fork then right at the next fork. As the lane turns sharp right and passes a farm building on the left continue along the walled grassy track through a gate to open land. Follow the footpath north-west around Great Edge. When it becomes paved follow it 4 6 Turn right along the bridleway and walk for 1.3km to reach a path junction. Turn left, walk for a short distance, then turn left along the Pennine Way to arrive at Northern Rotcher. Cross the road then continue straight ahead to go over the stile then walk along the dam of Redbrook Reservoir to a small footbridge at the end. Cross it then walk east across the moor along a path following the line of a drain maintainin­g course. The path swings to the 5 Follow the path along the gritstone edge south-east 66 Yorkshire Life: October 2020 Š

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