Yorkshire Life : 2020-10-01

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I t’s mid-morning and the cafe on Scarboroug­h’s West Pier is alive with laughter and good natured banter. Bob Roberts, ruddy white-bearded face beaming, is clock-watching between retorts: his fishing boat, Capernaum, is due in any time and he’s itching to see the catch of the day. He doesn’t have to wait long: the vessel is spotted heading briskly into harbour where it moors beneath the winch that lifts the cartons of squirming lobsters onto dry land. After a quick check, Bob whisks them away to be stored – carefully handled and sized – in specially created cool water boxes. Most of them are destined for the region’s finest restaurant kitchens or individual­s who value The Yorkshire Lobster Company’s artisan sea-to-table approach – an ethos that takes traditiona­l shellfishi­ng back to its roots. But there are some which will have an altogether different role to play on the gourmet menu. Forward-thinking Bob has teamed up with Thixendale rapeseed farmers Charlie and Ivy’s, along with Whitby based chef and UK ambassador for Seafish Rob Green, to develop lobster oil – lobster infused rapeseed oil which should hit the shelves by the end of the year. ‘It’s popular in the States but there are very few people producing lobster oil in the UK,’ says Bob. ‘Yes it makes a lot of sense for the farming and fishing industries to work more closely together.’ 92 Yorkshire Life: October 2020 Š

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