A case of mind over mat­ter to ease stress in the work­place

Yorkshire Post - Business - - FOCUS ON SMES - Kelly Thistleth­waite, from York­shire Yogi, on re­duc­ing stress in the work­place

1. SET your­self up for great­ness: Have a good night sleep, get up early, eat a good break­fast and ease your way into your work­ing day.

2. Learn how to med­i­tate: Tak­ing as lit­tle as five min­utes in the morn­ing to fo­cus on your breath­ing can re­ally help you to fo­cus and re­duce stress. Re­peat this through­out the day… it works a treat.

3. Fuel your­self: To en­hance pro­duc­tiv­ity and con­cen­tra­tion, keep it light and avoid hav­ing pro­cessed sug­ars that will spike your blood su­gar lev­els and leave you with a su­gar low. And drink plenty of wa­ter.

4. Keep a tidy workspace: Mess is stress­ful, keep it neat and tidy.

5. Set a timer: De­cide how long you aim to work on a piece of work, set a timer and fo­cus on that one task. Once the timer goes off move on to the next task.

6. Make big de­ci­sions in the morn­ing: We gen­er­ally have more en­ergy and make bet­ter choices in the morn­ings, so use your time wisely and plan your work­ing day around your peak en­ergy times.

7. Take a break: Ev­ery 45 min­utes to an hour take a twominute break and move your body. A short walk around the of­fice or get­ting some fresh air helps to re­fo­cus your mind.

8. Make your en­vi­ron­ment re­lax­ing and in­spir­ing: Buy a plant, paint a wall, in­vest in an aro­mather­apy dif­fuser or sim­ply have a photo or quote on your desk that makes you smile.

9. Keep dis­trac­tion to a min­i­mum: Put your phone away and close tabs when you don’t need them. And turn un­nec­es­sary no­ti­fi­ca­tions off.

10. Write a list and then put it away: Choose one task from your list, put it away and fo­cus on that task. Once it is done, tick it off, smile (this is very im­por­tant), and then move on to the next task.

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