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It is: New head-turner from the Lion brand. A 2+2 coupé with a dis­tinc­tive fur­rowed roof and rear win­dow.

Mod­els: My drives were in the GT with a 156bhp 1.6 petrol turbo at £22,750 and the Sport with a 163bhp 2-litre diesel turbo at £22,250, both with six speed man­ual gears. The pre­mium for diesel power is £1,800. The GT trim, an ad­di­tional £2,300, adds leather seats with “sports” chairs in the front, with power ad­just­ment and heaters, 19 inch al­loys, auto lights and wipers, front park­ing sen­sors and a few other ex­tras.

Econ­omy: Peu­geot quotes a com­bined 42mpg and 155g/km for the petrol model and 53.2mpg and 139g/km for the diesel. The trip com­puter showed 44mpg to 48mpg on each model, with the diesel’s over­all av­er­age 4m[g higher than that of the petrol.

Pace: 0-62mph in 8.7 sec­onds and 8.3 sec­onds re­spec­tively. Max­i­mum: 134 and 133mph.

Price range: £20,450 to £25,050. .In­cludes a 156bhp petrol au­to­matic, from £21,550 and a 200bhp ver­sion of the 1.6 petrol, from £22,750. GT or Sport trim is of­fered on all ver­sions.

Length: 169 inches (4.3m).

Weights: From 1726kg for the petrol. Diesel adds an­other 42kg.

Ver­dict: Big state­ment on shape and style. De­mand will be too high for sup­ply this year. The 156bhp Sport looks the choice, at £20,450. GT trim not worth the ex­tra money un­less you need leather and you will have to travel huge dis­tances to re­coup the pre­mium charged for the diesel en­gine. The petrol en­gine is sweeter and sportier. More: 0845 200 1234. Or: Hyundai Coupé and, in its fi­nal months be­fore re­place­ment, the Audi TT. Volk­swa­gen’s Scirocco is also in there but it’s not a coupé.

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