Sleek de­sign ‘makes men emo­tional’, sci­en­tists find

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IT’S of­fi­cial – a beau­ti­ful car will make you cry.

Data has been col­lected, not by search­ing for a tear in the eye or a lump in the throat as guinea pigs were shown dream cars from Fer­rari or Lam­borgh­ini, but through an of­fi­cial sci­en­tific ex­per­i­ment.

Volvo, to­gether with EEG spe­cial­ists Myn­d­play, an­a­lysed how the brain re­acts emo­tion­ally to car de­sign and how de­sign aes­thet­ics ac­tu­ally make us feel. EEG is the record­ing of elec­tri­cal ac­tiv­ity along the scalp and mea­sures volt­age fluc­tu­a­tions re­sult­ing from ionic cur­rent flows within the neu­rons of the brain. The ex­per­i­ment showed that hu­mans re­act emo­tion­ally to the shape of a car, with men in par­tic­u­lar seem­ing al­most ge­net­i­cally pro­grammed to like sleek de­sign.

The ex­per­i­ment was con­ducted to co­in­cide with the launch of the Volvo Con­cept Coupé, the first car to em­body Volvo’s new de­sign strat­egy aimed at build­ing a more emo­tive con­nec­tion with the brand.

Par­tic­i­pants were asked to rate a se­ries of im­ages whilst wear­ing a dry sen­sor EEG head­set that mea­sured brain­wave ac­tiv­ity in the pre-frontal cor­tex of the brain. The im­ages in­cluded the new Volvo Con­cept Coupé along­side per­ceived ‘bad’ and ‘out-dated’ car de­sign, vi­su­als of happy/cry­ing ba­bies and men and women con­sid­ered to be ‘beau­ti­ful’.

Thomas In­gen­lath of Volvo, said: “This sur­vey fi­nally proves what we’ve al­ways sus­pected. Beau­ti­ful car de­sign can elicit strong emo­tional re­sponses rang­ing from a pos­i­tive frame of mind to a sense of em­pow­er­ment.”

Men ex­pe­ri­enced more emo­tion whilst look­ing at im­ages of beau­ti­ful cars than they did whilst look­ing at an im­age of a cry­ing child.

74 per cent of men claimed that good de­sign made them feel pos­i­tive.

33 per cent of women rated im­ages of cars higher than an im­age of an at­trac­tive man.

60 per cent of men claimed that driv­ing a beau­ti­ful car makes them feel con­fi­dent and em­pow­ered.

Dr David Lewis, a spe­cial­ist in the neu­ro­science of con­sumerism and com­mu­ni­ca­tions, said: “Ap­pre­ci­at­ing an aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing de­sign is an ex­pe­ri­ence which com­bines un­der­stand­ing and emo­tions.”

STRONG RE­SPONSE: EEG spe­cial­ists recorded hu­man re­ac­tions to the shape of the new Volvo Con­cept Coupe.

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