‘House healer’ who aims to rid homes of their neg­a­tive en­ergy

Can a home re­ally ben­e­fit from al­ter­na­tive ther­apy? Sharon Dale re­ports.

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PEO­PLE of­ten form the wrong im­pres­sion of San­dra Ken­drew and as she strolls up my gar­den path, she makes light of this mis­con­cep­tion: “I’ve parked my broom­stick,” she says.

Ac­tu­ally she trav­els by shiny 4x4 and there is noth­ing witch­like about her. There isn’t even a hint of hippy about San­dra, who is ev­ery inch the smart Har­ro­gate lady.

If you didn’t know you’d never guess her pro­fes­sion, which could eas­ily be con­demned as hocus-pocus by the unini­ti­ated.

San­dra is a house healer, whose job is to rid prop­er­ties of their neg­a­tive en­er­gies and make them health­ier and hap­pier places to be.

“If you can’t re­late to that then think about at­mos­pheres. We’ve all been in homes that feel sad, creepy or just ‘not right’.

“And es­tate agents of­ten re­fer to ‘divorce houses’, which are prop­er­ties that come up for sale ev­ery three or four years be­cause the cou­ple who live there have split up.

“A lot of that is down to detri­men­tal en­ergy,” says San­dra, who has used her pow­ers to help sell prop­erty.

“I re­cently healed a house in Durham that had been on the mar­ket for two years. It had a lot of neg­a­tive en­ergy but I did some heal­ing and it sold within three weeks.”

Detri­men­tal en­ergy can also lower the im­mune sys­tem and af­fects mental and phys­i­cal health, ac­cord­ing to San­dra, who puts it down to three fac­tors:

Geo­pathic stress, which is caused by the earth’s nat­u­ral en­ergy in­clud­ing un­der­ground wa­ter, fault lines, ley lines and curry lines.

Ge­o­mag­netic stress caused by py­lons, wi-fi and other elec­tri­cal equip­ment.

Geopsy­chic stress cre­ated by the oc­cu­pants, pre­vi­ous oc­cu­pants or lost souls (pos­si­bly the en­ergy of a per­son who died in trau­matic cir­cum­stances).

She can pin­point all this re­motely us­ing your ad­dress, maps and floor plans of your prop­erty, by “tun­ing in” and dowsing with rods.

She also asks clients to fill in a ques­tion­naire about the house and their health.

The heal­ing process is es­o­teric and re­quires a big leap of faith.

“It is a trans­fer­ence of en­ergy. I fo­cus my at­ten­tion with the power of in­tent on a house or per­son and chan­nel uni­ver­sal en­ergy ask­ing to change any non-ben­e­fi­cial en­er­gies into ben­e­fi­cial ones,” says San­dra.

Most of her work is done re­motely, and re­cent suc­cesses in­clude a house in Mel­bourne, where the oc­cu­pants had been ill since mov­ing in three years ago. “It was built on an Abo­rig­i­nal burial ground,” San­dra ex­plains.

Reg­is­tered by the Bri­tish So­ci­ety of Dowsers, she be­came a house healer 10 years ago af­ter sell­ing her com­ple­men­tary health cen­tre in Har­ro­gate, where she was a nu­tri­tional con­sul­tant and life coach.

“I was heal­ing peo­ple but re­alised that a lot of them were liv­ing in detri­men­tal en­ergy.

“It can cause ev­ery­thing from in­som­nia and de­pres­sion to hy­per­ac­tiv­ity and ME,” says San­dra, whose hus­band owns a prop­erty com­pany.

She uses her skills on his in­vest­ments and on homes and work­places and re­cently turned her at­ten­tion to my place.

She ar­rived with her writ­ten re­port at a time when our happy

I healed a house that had been on the mar­ket for two years. It sold within three weeks.

home had been blighted by money wor­ries, teenage strops and there had been noth­ing but bad news for what seemed like ages.

Plenty of neg­a­tive en­ergy then? Ac­cord­ing to San­dra it was not hor­rific, though some heal­ing was re­quired.

We had 36 per cent geo­pathic stress, 15 per cent ge­o­mag­netic and 49 per cent geopsy­chic. There are four detri­men­tal en­ergy lines and some neg­a­tive en­ergy from the past oc­cu­pants (who di­vorced).

Be­fore dowsing and heal­ing, the en­ergy of the house was 74 per cent.

San­dra has marked the neg­a­tive en­ergy lines on the floor plan. Places where two lines cross are es­pe­cially bad and there’s one ex­actly where my daugh­ter’s pil­low is.

She has strug­gled to sleep since mov­ing to the room.

San­dra also re­ports on the health of the prop­erty’s oc­cu­pants. My other daugh­ter’s sacral chakra was out of bal­ance, which can cause di­ges­tive prob­lems, she says. I was im­pressed, but re­alised I men­tioned my daugh­ter’s health is­sue on the ques­tion­naire.

Me? My base and sacral chakras were out of bal­ance lead­ing to mild de­pres­sion and “feel­ing floaty”. I can re­late to this. She gives lots of ad­vice about chant­ing af­fir­ma­tions, “re-writ­ing your life” and tak­ing cold show­ers.

I’m afraid I have for­got­ten to do the for­mer and I pre­fer baths, so clearly I haven’t helped my­self.

But the good news is San­dra

IN BAL­ANCE: San­dra Ken­drew uses dowsing rods to iden­tify detri­men­tal en­ergy in the home.

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