Artist Katharine Holmes is pic­tured af­ter walk­ing out from her home in Mal­ham in North York­shire, climb­ing above Mal­ham Cove to con­tinue one of her paint­ings. She has a new ex­hi­bi­tion at the Mercer Gallery in Har­ro­gate which opens to­day.

ARTIST CON­STANCE Pear­son was a fa­mil­iar fig­ure around Mal­ham, of­ten pitch­ing up with her easel to paint some new land­scape. Now her grand­daugh­ter Katharine Holmes, who in­her­ited her cre­ative genes, has re­traced her steps for a new ex­hi­bi­tion.

Ms Holmes, whose mother Philippa was also an artist, was com­mis­sioned by Har­ro­gate’s Mercer Art Gallery to make new work for a se­ries of ex­hi­bi­tions on art and land­scape.

Over the last few months she has been on a voy­age of discovery, vis­it­ing the places her grand­mother went to paint, not only in York­shire, where she also has a stu­dio, but fur­ther afield to Corn­wall.

She said: “Peo­ple look at the land­scape in the Dales and think that they are look­ing at an un­changed nat­u­ral world, but of course they are not. This area has been oc­cu­pied and farmed for cen­turies, with each gen­er­a­tion adding to and tak­ing away from the land in the ways that they lived on it.

“Peo­ple may also be de­ceived into think­ing that the Dales are just as they were in the 19th cen­tury, but they would be wrong. The great­est dif­fer­ence now is the in­tru­sion of sound. I’ve got an app on my phone that tracks planes as they fly over Mal­ham­dale where I live to and from Leeds Brad­ford Air­port.”

Con­stance was fond of the York­shire coast and Ms Holmes’ new col­lec­tion also fea­tures scenes in­spired by Sand­send, Staithes and Runswick Bay.

She added: “Lo­cal peo­ple who look at my paint­ings are all aware of the beauty of the land. They have an all-con­sum­ing in­ter­est in their sur­round­ings and they no­tice ev­ery­thing – wildlife, flow­ers – be­cause they are in tune with na­ture.” Katharine Holmes: In Grand­mother’s Foot­steps runs

un­til Jan­uary.


Artist Katharine Holmes in her home stu­dio with a paint­ing of Mal­ham Cove. CRE­ATIVE GENES:


LIE OF THE LAND: Fryup­dale, the head of the dale by Katharine Holmes, from her ex­hi­bi­tion at the Mercer Gallery.

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