If you dream of fly­ing off for your wed­ding, but don’t know where to start, our ex­perts have all the ad­vice you need for a big day over­seas

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Your ques­tions about trav­el­ling over­seas an­swered

How should we choose a lo­ca­tion?

,I \RX GRQ·W KDYH D SDUWLFXODU DIÀOLDWLRQ WR D VSHFLÀF FRXQWU\ RU GHVWLQDWLRQ FKRRVLQJ VRPHZKHUH WR VD\ ´, GRΜ FDQ EH WULFN\ 7KLQN DERXW ZKDW VXUURXQGLQJV you would pre­fer to have – such as the beach, the city, snow­capped moun­tains – as this will nar­row down your op­tions (see our fea­ture on p210 for plenty RI ORFDWLRQ LQVSLUDWLRQ 7KHQ WKLQN about how long it will take you and your guests to get there, how easy it is to plan a wed­ding in that coun­try, and, of course, how much it will all cost.

How will I trans­port my dress to my des­ti­na­tion? Pro­vided that your dress isn’t a huge princess-style num­ber with a 25-foot train, you should be able to pack it rel­a­tively eas­ily – of course, you should take the up­most care to pre­vent your gown get­ting dam­aged while in tran­sit. 0DUWLQH +DUULV RI EULGDO EUDQG (VVHQVH of Aus­tralia, sug­gests pur­chas­ing a durable gar­ment bag to pack in your suit­case or carry on the plane. “If your wed­ding dress is heav­ily beaded, it will need to be wrapped up in tis­sue paper be­fore be­ing put in the gar­ment bag, WR SUHYHQW DQ\ VQDJJLQJ μ VKH DGYLVHV

Who should we in­vite? Just like a celebration at home, the choice is com­pletely yours. In­vite your clos­est friends and fam­ily – the ones that you re­ally want to be by your side for this spe­cial mo­ment. It’s im­por­tant to take into con­sid­er­a­tion that there may be a few peo­ple that sim­ply can’t make LW GXH WR ÀQDQFLDO RU SUDFWLFDO IDFWRUV

Send be­fore your the save-the-dates big day, so your out guests a year can JHW WLPH RII ZRUN DQG EHQHÀW IURP

book­ing travel when prices are lower.

Should wed­ding I hire planner? a “Plan­ning a wed­ding abroad is lo­gis­ti­cally PRUH GLIÀFXOW μ DFFRUGLQJ WR ZHGGLQJ

planner Elis­a­betta White. “You can strug­gle with lan­guage bar­ri­ers, time dif­fer­ence and, some­times, a lack of FRPPXQLFDWLRQ μ +RZHYHU GHVWLQDWLRQ

wed­ding planners are fully equipped with the re­sources and knowl­edge to han­dle these po­ten­tial prob­lems. If you do de­cide to take on the plan­ning your­self, en­list­ing your friends and fam­ily to as­sist with any tricky or time-con­sum­ing or­gan­i­sa­tion can be a huge help.

Should we honey­moon in the same place? If you’re plan­ning to honey­moon straight after your des­ti­na­tion wed­ding, give thought to how prac­ti­cal it will be to bring your dress and other per­sonal items with you, or if one of your guests is able WR WDNH WKHP KRPH IRU \RX +DYLQJ \RXU

honey­moon in the same place or nearby could re­move that prob­lem. “One of the key advantages of get­ting mar­ried abroad is the chance to twin your wed­ding and KRQH\PRRQ ORFDWLRQV ZLWK HDVH μ VD\V

Olivia Knight of San­dals. “For ex­am­ple, those get­ting mar­ried in the Caribbean can have their wed­ding at one of our UHVRUWV DQG KRQH\PRRQ LQ DQRWKHU μ

Will we have to pay for our friends and fam­ily to get there? Most des­ti­na­tion wed­ding guests do ex­pect to pay for their travel and ac­com­mo­da­tion – after all, it is an ex­cuse for them to have a hol­i­day! It is such a lovely ges­ture if you can af­ford to pay for your guests’ ac­com­mo­da­tion and/or ÁLJKWV EXW LW·V QRW XVXDOO\ H[SHFWHG +RZHYHU LI DOO RI \RXU JXHVWV DUH DUULYLQJ RQ WKH VDPH ÁLJKW LW PD\ EH ZRUWK con­sid­er­ing hir­ing some sort of group trans­porta­tion to get ev­ery­one from the air­port to your re­sort or town to­gether.

How will we source wed­ding sup­pli­ers? If you’re hav­ing a planner, then they will know the best lo­cal sup­pli­ers and can WDNH FDUH RI DOO RI WKLV IRU \RX +RZHYHU LI \RX·UH QRW \RXU ÀUVW SRUW RI FDOO VKRXOG be to talk to your venue, as it’s likely that they work with reg­u­lar sup­pli­ers and can give you the heads-up on who is re­li­able. If you do end up re­search­ing sup­pli­ers rather than re­ceiv­ing rec­om­men­da­tions, just be sure to check out their re­views and so­cial me­dia feeds thor­oughly to get an idea of their stan­dards of ser­vice be­fore you com­mit to em­ploy­ing them.

How will I keep my wed­ding make-up on in the heat? +RW ZHDWKHU SOXV OD\HUV RI PDNH XS

can some­times be a recipe for dis­as­ter – but as Bobbi Brown make-up artist Zara Find­lay ex­plains, the key to a long-last­ing look is all in the ap­pli­ca­tion. “A good skin­care rou­tine will sup­port your skin WKURXJK WKH KHDW μ VKH VD\V ´2LO IUHH

or gel-based mois­turis­ers are great for sur­viv­ing hot weather, and a good primer is a must. In ad­di­tion, don’t for­get to use a water­proof mas­cara to pro­tect against DQ\ WHDUV RU VZHDW μ =DUD UHFRPPHQGV

hav­ing a shine-bust­ing pow­der to hand on the day it­self for any touch-ups.

Are there any par­tic­u­lar styles of wed­ding dress that will keep me cool? Find­ing the right dress for a wed­ding in a warmer cli­mate is im­por­tant, as Mar­tine ex­plains. “When it’s hot, you’re go­ing to want a dress that’s con­structed to keep you cool, but one that doesn’t com­pro­mise on VW\OH μ VKH VD\V ´:H ZRXOG UHFRPPHQG

sheer lace bodices, low strappy backs and EUHH]\ IDEULFV VXFK DV FKLIIRQ DQG WXOOH μ

Will our mar­riage be le­gal? It is pos­si­ble to have a civil cer­e­mony that’s legally bind­ing in a lot of coun­tries, but it’s im­por­tant that you know what pa­per­work is re­quired in ad­vance. “Get­ting a wed­ding planner to as­sist with this SURFHVV LV PXFK HDVLHU μ DGYLVHV (OLVDEHWWD ´%XW LI \RX DUH JRLQJ LW DORQH ÀUVW YLVLW the UK gov­ern­ment’s web­site ( mar­riage-abroad) and then get in touch with the lo­cal town hall in your des­ti­na­tion to es­tab­lish the re­quire­ments and GRFXPHQWV WKDW ZLOO EH QHHGHG μ 7KH JRY XN VLWH JLYHV FRXQWU\ VSHFLÀF DGYLFH after you an­swer a cou­ple of brief ques­tions DERXW \RXU SODQV ,I \RX ÀQG \RX DUH XQDEOH to tie the knot legally in your des­ti­na­tion RI FKRLFH \RX FDQ PDUU\ RIÀFLDOO\ LQ WKH UK and have a sym­bolic cer­e­mony abroad.

What sort of in­sur­ance are we go­ing to need? Of course, you don’t want to have to think about your big day go­ing wrong – but hav­ing wed­ding in­sur­ance in place sim­ply means you’ll have ev­ery­thing cov­ered in case you do en­counter prob­lems. “Check that the pol­icy covers you [for wed­dings] DEURDG EHIRUH \RX EX\ μ DGYLVHV 7RQ\

For­chione, in­sur­ance an­a­lyst with 0RQH\6DYLQJ([SHUW FRP ´<RX PD\ ÀQG

that over­seas the in­sur­ance will usu­ally cover the costs, but not help with, for H[DPSOH ÀQGLQJ D QHZ FDWHUHU LI WKH\ FDQFHO μ ,Q DGGLWLRQ WR LQVXUDQFH IRU \RXU wed­ding, you’ll also need travel in­sur­ance like you would with any nor­mal hol­i­day, so you can fully re­lax and en­joy your­selves.


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