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I wanted to get a cou­ple of new hy­brids who will lay reg­u­larly for me through this win­ter. My two new ISA War­rens are 18 weeks old and point of lay. They have been de­beaked which is slightly annoying since they were ob­vi­ously not des­tined for cages. I guess the hatch­ery de­beaked all their hy­brids en masse re­gard­less of where they might end up. Hens kept in cages have to be de­beaked to stop them peck­ing each other. My two have set­tled in very well and on the first day I let them out of their run one of them in­sisted on com­ing in­side. Com­pared to my other hens they are so easy to han­dle and very en­dear­ing and are now be­ing looked af­ter my num­ber one cock­erel, my Fay­oumi.

New ISA War­rens

Fred­die the Fay­oumi looks af­ter the new girls

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