Is this hen suf­fer­ing from epilepsy?

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QMy top rank­ing hen re­cently had some odd be­hav­iour – flap­ping around and twist­ing her neck and shak­ing a lot. I took video footage of it, and took her and footage to the vet. He di­ag­nosed bac­te­rial menin­gi­tis and put her on a course of an­tibi­otics. For 10 days I had to feed her and sy­ringe wa­ter into her as she was not eat­ing and still very con­fused. Then she started act­ing like a nor­mal-ish chicken and was able to feed and drink on her own and wan­dered round the gar­den with the other hens. She is still hav­ing fits in the evenings but re­cov­ers quite quickly. Do chick­ens suf­fer from epilepsy?

AVic­to­ria says: Any an­i­mal can suf­fer from epilepsy but it can be very dif­fi­cult to de­fine the cause. Some­thing toxic could have caused some brain dam­age, for in­stance. If she is still hav­ing fits but act­ing nor­mally in-be­tween, then you may just want to live with it. The sever­ity of the fits may have raised the tem­per­a­ture of her brain high enough to dam­age cer­tain parts of it, how­ever, in which case, it would be kin­der to have her put to sleep.

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