The Ad­ven­tures of Poppy and Ge­orge – Part 57 Poppy and Ge­orge have a new friend

Your Chickens - - Hattie Hen's Kids Club - with Hat­tie

“I re­ally miss Laura,” sighed Poppy.

“Me too,” agreed Ge­orge. “She was okay – for a girl!”

“You couldn’t stand her at first,” smiled Mum.

“Yes, but then she learnt to like chick­ens,” said Poppy, “and we had bril­liant sum­mer hol­i­days to­gether.”

“She wanted to know all about them,” said Ge­orge. “She was well im­pressed at how much we knew.”

“We were the eggsperts,” gig­gled Poppy.

“What did you teach her?” asked Mum.

“She didn’t know about all the dif­fer­ent types of chick­ens,” said Poppy. “She was amazed.”

“We ex­plained about bat­tery hens too,” said Ge­orge, “and now she only eats free-range eggs.”

“Laura even enjoyed help­ing with the clean­ing out,” said Poppy. “She loved mak­ing the coop clean and tidy.”

“She learnt what to feed them,” said Ge­orge, “and why they mustn’t have too many treats.”

“Her favourite bit was when Grandpa showed us some baby chicks,” said Poppy. “She couldn’t be­lieve how cute they are.”

“Now her Gran is bet­ter, she’s go­ing to ask her mum for some chick­ens,” said Ge­orge.

“And we can visit in the hol­i­days and help,” said Poppy.

“Wicked!” said Ge­orge.

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