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IVY’S HENS AND HATCH­ERY, Pre­ston, Lancs. Breed­ers of Rhode Is­land White, Rhode Is­land Red, Black Silkie (LF), Cuckoo Marans, French Marans, Ko Shamo, Hy­brids and Wel­sum­mers. Find us on Face­book. Tel: 07765240805/07887526864

LINDA FID­DLER, Freck­le­ton, Pre­ston, Lancs. Large: Buff & Black Orpt­ing­tons, Sil­ver Grey Dork­ings, Sil­ver Laced Wyan­dotte, Cop­per Black Marans, Emb­den Geese, Aba­cot Ranger Ducks. Tel: 01772 634889/07957220206

PEAR TREE POUL­TRY, Pre­ston, Lan­cashire. 11 types of hy­brid hens, 60+ dif­fer­ent pure breed hens, ducks, pheasants, tur­keys, geese, quail . Large shop, board­ing ser­vice, cour­ses, hatch­ing eggs. Open 7 days a week. Visi­tors wel­come, am­ple park­ing, based at Bar­ton Grange Gar­den Cen­tre. www.peartreep­oul­ Tel: 07808661873

STORRS POUL­TRY, Mr G Mortimer, Storrs Farm, Storrs Lane, Oxspring, Sh­effield S36 8YS. From day old chicks up to point on lay in the fol­low­ing breeds: Large: An­cona,, Ap­pen­zeller (Sil­ver), Brahma (Gold, Dark), Cream Leg­bar, Dork­ing, Faverolla (Salmon), In­dian Game (Dark), White Leghorn, Maran, Or­p­ing­ton (Buff, Black), Rhode Is­land Red, Silkie (5 colours), Sus­sex (Light), Wel­sum­mer, Wyan­dotte (Sil­ver Laced). Ban­tams: Leghorn (Brown), Pekin (5 colours), Poland, Ply­mouth Rock (Buff), Rosec­omb (Black), Se­bright (Gold, Sil­ver). Also var­i­ous hy­brids in­clud­ing Black Rock and War­rens. Also stocked: Poul­try Hous­ing and equip­ment, drinkers, feed­ers etc. Peafowl, Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl & Or­na­men­tal Pheasants. Other breeds some­times avail­able on re­quest. SAE for price list. Web: www.storrspoul­ Email: info@storrspoul­ Tel: 01226 764822/07855829846.


BROOK­SIDE FAM­ILY FARM, Lit­tle Wit­ley, Worces­ter­shire, WR6 6LL. Sup­pli­ers of point of lay hy­brid & thor­ough­bred pullets, quail & hatch­ing eggs. See web­site www.brook­side­fam­i­ly­ Tel: 07912 271547

CROSS­ROADS POUL­TRY. Barn­evelders, Aus­tralorps, large breed and ban­tams. Barn­evelders cop­per laced. Hatch­ing eggs when avail­able. Tel: 01938 570194

DO­MES­TIC FOWL TRUST, Strat­ford-Upon-Avon, War­wick­shire. Poul­try breed­ers, equip­ment, hous­ing and small­holder sup­plies. Web:­mes­tic­fowl­ Tel: 01789 850046

HENS FOR PETS, Raven­shead Plant Cen­tre, Notts. Hy­brids POL; range of colours, Ban­tams and Ducks. Hatch­ing eggs. Feeds in­clud­ing Garvo, Mar­riages and Or­ganic. All you need for set­ting up in­clud­ing Free Chicken Keep­ing Cour­ses. Hen Board­ing. www.hens­for­ Tel: 01623 793841/07860436586

NEW­LAND POUL­TRY, Malvern, Worces­ter­shire. Ten va­ri­eties of POL hy­brids plus many pure breeds. Garvo feed and hen ‘board­ing’ ser­vice. Email: mail@new­land­­land­poul­try. com. Tel: 07830176254


HONEYBOURNE SMALL­HOLD­ING, Nor­folk. Point of lay hy­brid hens, fully vac­ci­nated. Up to 7 breeds in­clud­ing Am­ber Link, Sus­sex Ranger, Beech­wood Blue, Pied Ranger, Rhode Rock, Calder Ranger and Gold­line. Fam­ily run. www.hon­ey­bour­nes­mall­hold­ Tel: 01953 451963


CATRINS GAR­DEN POUL­TRY, Bucks. Eggs to adult, rare and tra­di­tional chick­ens/ban­tams, ducks and geese some­times avail­able. Col­lec­tion only. clacy@go­ www.catrins­gar­ Tel: 07890403675

CHAR­LOTTE’S CHICK­ENS, Mid­dle­sex, Sur­rey, Greater Lon­don. Up to 10 dif­fer­ent types of POL hy­brid hens all vac­ci­nated, ac­ces­sories, feed & coops. De­fra reg­is­tered. Tel: 07747166408

HEN HOUSE POUL­TRY, Maid­stone, Kent. Qual­ity point of lay chick­ens – Ten dif­fer­ent types, fully vac­ci­nated. Also chicks, grow­ers & ban­tams. Eglu’s stocked. www.hen­house­poul­ Tel: 01622 843649

POSH POUL­TRY OF EP­PING, Ep­ping. Brah­mas, Marans, RIR, Or­p­ing­tons, Leghorns, Light Sus­sex, Vor­w­erk, Lak­en­velder, Silkies, Mille­fleur Pekin ban­tams, Cream Leg­bars, Zingems. Hy­brids – Rhode Rocks, Sus­sex, Cou Cou Marans, Blue­bells, Medics, Browns. Hatch­ing eggs, day old chicks, grower and POL. Email: info@ posh­poul­try­ofep­ Web: www.posh­poul­try­ofep­ Tel: 01992 560100/07814298268

THE OLD GAR­DENS AN­I­MAL RES­CUE CEN­TRE, High­leigh Road, Si­dle­sham, PO20 7NN. Rare breed poul­try. Geese, ducks, tur­keys, ban­tams, doves. Also res­cued bat­tery hens £7.50 each. Fresh free range eggs for sale. Open ev­ery day (ex­cept Tues­days) 9am-4pm. Con­tact Irene. Tel: 07775670819


CHICKS, CHUCKS AND MUCKY DUCKS. Sup­plier and breeder of good qual­ity chick­ens and ducks. Fe­male chicks, duck­lings to POL inc. Marans, Light Sus­sex, Ayles­bury, Khaki, Run­ner and Calls. All stock guar­an­teed. On­site shop sell­ing feed & ac­ces­sories, hol­i­day board­ing avail­able. Tel: 07833647140


FARMER DIXON, South Yeo Farm East, Devon. 25 breeds of rare/ na­tive poul­try. Hatch­ing eggs & birds. Na­tion­wide de­liv­ery. Be­gin­ners poul­try keep­ing cour­ses. Email: southye­o­farm@bt­in­ter­ Web: www.southye­o­ Tel: 01837 810274

FOS­TERS POUL­TRY, Glouces­ter, GL2 2SD, 3 miles J12 M5. Hy­brids, large fowl, ban­tams, ducks, geese, quail, tur­keys, guinea fowl and table birds. Eggs to Point of Lay, de­liv­ery ar­ranged, eggs posted. www.fos­ter­spoul­ or www.fer­tile­ Tel: 01452 724565/07709933064

HAM STREET HENS, Mendip, Som­er­set, BA6 8PT. POL Large Hy­brids in­clud­ing Black Rocks, Barred Rocks, Blue­bells, Light Sus­sex, War­rens, also Cream Crested Leg­bards an Pekin Ban­tams. Ducks in­clud­ing Cherry Val­leys, Khaki Camp­bells and minia­ture Sil­ver Ap­p­le­yards. Ja­panese Quail. Free friendly ad­vice. Poul­try feed and sup­plies also avail­able. Open 7 days a week. Web: www.ham­ Tel: 01458 850388

LEG­BARS OF BROAD­WAY, Cotswolds. Bur­ford Browns (Dark Brown Eggs) & Cotswold Leg­bards (Blue Eggs). Buy di­rect from the founder breeder. Email: Web: www.leg­bar­sof­broad­ Tel/SMS:079831849036

MOONRIDGE FARM. Chick­ens POL. Blue, Cou Cou, and Splash Marans, Columbian Black­tail, Lohman Brown, Bo­vans Nera, Light Sus­sex, Sus­sex Rock, Am­ber Link. Brown Leghorn, Speck­led Gold, White Leghorn. Free range, mix ‘n’ match your own de­signer flock. Free ad­vice, new poul­try keep­ers wel­come. Poul­try shop for hous­ing etc All vac­ci­nated with a two week guar­an­tee. Large and small or­ders. Visi­tors wel­come. Na­tion­wide de­liv­ery. Free friendly ad­vice. New chicken keep­ers wel­come. www.moon­ridge­ Tel: 01392 851190

OR­CHARD POUL­TRY, Som­er­set. Sup­plier and breeder of or­na­men­tal and rare breed poul­try, wa­ter­fowl & Guinea fowl. Visit our web­site to see the full range of birds avail­able. Or­der on­line and col­lect or we can de­liver any­where in the UK. Con­tact Rusty. Email: rusty@or­chard­poul­ Web: www.or­chard­poul­ Tel: 01823 480076/07967713670

VOR­W­ERK CHICK­ENS. A rare breed with beau­ti­ful buff and black colour­ings. Ex­cel­lent egg layer. Alert, ac­tive and very adapt­able. Email: Web: www.vor­w­erkchick­ Tel: 01566 783232/07747392803

PEDRAN POUL­TRY, Car­marthen. Or­p­ing­ton, Brahma, Jersey Gi­ant, Ex­che­quer Leghorn, Cream Leg­bar, Light Sus­sex, RIR, Ban­tams, Old English and Malay. No hy­brids. Welsh hand­made hous­ing also avail­able. pe­dran­poul­

DAVID FRAN­CIS. Spe­cial­ist breeder of true to type Cream Leg­bars, also util­ity Brown Leghorns & show qual­ity Wel­sum­mers. Tel: 01437 751243

ARTHUR & JENI GRIF­FIN, Cil­nant Farm Poul­try, Llan­gollen, North Wales. An­conas, Buff Sus­sex, Cream Leg­bars, Friesan Fowl, Laven­der Arau­canas, Rhode Is­land Reds, Wel­sum­mers, Gold Dutch Ban­tams, Guinea Fowl & Bronze Tur­keys. Brown Hy­brid Hens avail­able. Friendly ad­vice given. Email me: jeni@chick­e­nan­ and I can send you pic­tures and in­for­ma­tion on my birds. Tel: 01691 718261/07866359653


AL­LAN­DALE POUL­TRY, Al­lan­dale Cottage, Loch 18, Castle­cary, FK4 1TA. Golden Ham­burgs, Sil­ver Span­gled Ham­burgs, Silkies, Buff Or­p­ing­tons, Cream Leg­bards, Wel­sum­mers and Run­ner ducks D/O to POL. Prize win­ning stock. Tel: 07802591860


HIL­LVIEW DUCKS. Khaki Camp­bells and Cherry Val­ley ducks from sexed day olds to POL. Both ex­cel­lent lay­ers from a good lay­ing strain. Plenty al­ways avail­able. Small or large or­ders taken. De­liv­ery avail­able. Web: www.hillview­ Tel: 07999507442/07949826904


AYLES­BURY DUCKS. Duck­lings or hatch­ing eggs; Truly ver­sa­tile and multi-pur­pose duck bred for the table; ex­cel­lent lay­ers or for just look­ing pretty on the pond. Monthly hatch­ings of duck­lings. Email: Web: www.ayles­bury­duck­ Tel: 01566 783232/07747392803

DEVON DUCKS. Khaki Camp­bell (best lay­ers), Sax­ony, Large Sil­ver Ap­p­le­yards, In­dian Run­ners, Cayuga. Geese. Quail. Pea­cocks. Large/ Small or­ders, na­tion­wide de­liv­ery, from £45 per ad­dress. Web:­von­ Tel: 01837 83839/07870113867

MRS JEAN SMITH, Pale Dairy, Upexe, EX5 5ND. Call ducks for sale. White, Choco­late, Apri­cot, Caramel Man­darins, Man­darins and Caroli­nas. Email: fj­ Tel: 01392 861975/07969089956

MOONRIDGE FARM. Do­mes­tic ducks and geese. Cayuga, In­dian Run­ner, Khaki Camp­bell, Call, Moscovy, Sil­ver Ap­p­le­yard Ducks, Emb­den x Toulouse, Chi­nese and African geese. Hatch­ing eggs, day olds and POL. Sexed from day old. Visi­tors wel­come. Na­tion­wide de­liv­ery. Es­tab­lished ex­pe­ri­enced breed­ers. Free friendly ad­vice. Web: www.moon­ridge­ Tel: 01392 851190


SEBASTOPOL GEESE. Beau­ti­ful white long trail­ing feath­ers, fondly de­scribed as the pan­tomime geese and classed as a rare breed. Na­tion­wide de­liv­ery. Email: Web:­bastopol­ Tel: 01566 783232/07747392803


UK GUINEA FOWL, Devon. Hatch­ing eggs, day olds, poults, adults, out­door grass reared. 12 var­i­ous colours, large/small or­ders, na­tion­wide de­liv­ery, from £45 per ad­dress. Web: Tel: 01837 83839/07870113867 OR­NA­MEN­TAL PHEASANTS SCOT­LAND

ALLANDOO PHEASANTRY. Golden, Lady Amherst, Reeves, Sil­vers, Eared Pheasants, Tragopans, Pea­cock Pheasants, Hi­malayan Mon­als, Fire­backs and oth­ers. Na­tion­wide de­liv­ery. Con­tact Zoe. Email: zoeah@bt­con­ Web:­lan­doopheas­ Tel: 01776 870244


PEAFOWL & PEA­COCKS, York­shire . Ne­wholme Peafowl, In­dian Blue, Pied, White, Black shoul­der, Pur­ple, Cameo, Bronze, Peach, Opal, Java Green. Any size or­ders, na­tion­wide de­liv­ery. Feel free to come and have a look around – just call to make sure we’re in! Con­tact John. Web: www.or­na­men­talpheas­ Tel: 01430 860957/07854784732


SUN­NY­SIDE POUL­TRY, Near Bur­ton on Trent DE15 0PT. Spe­cial­ist Mid­lands sup­pli­ers of a wide range of qual­ity hy­brid and pure bred hens and Ja­panese quail. Hous­ing, prod­ucts, feed, board­ing and cour­ses also avail­able. Web: www.sun­nyside­poul­ Tel: 07973 655963


Quail, Golden Ital­ian, Jumbo Ja­panese and Golden Giants. Largest breeder in re­gion. Small and large or­ders and trade. Na­tion­wide de­liv­ery ser­vice. Hatch­ing eggs, day­olds, POL. Egg boxes. Visi­tors wel­come. Free friendly ad­vice. Web: www.moon­ridge­ Tel: 01392 851190


FEL­STEAD FARM ES­TATE, Hert­ford­shire. White rheas, emus, Amer­i­can wild tur­keys, guinea fowl. Eggs, chicks and year­lings. Email:­comb1@bt­in­ter­ Tel: 01442 833341


TURKEY BREEDS, Small tra­di­tional farm turkey poults and grow­ers. Small White, Nor­folk Black and many oth­ers. Email: james@turkey­ Web: www.turkey­ Tel: 01829733778/07710063654


CLIFF AND SUE RUDD, North York­shire. Ex­hi­bi­tion geese: Sebastopol, Bre­con Buff, Fran­co­nian (Laven­der). Call Ducks and Ger­man Pekin. Also Ox­ford down sheep. Web: www.quack­ Tel: 01609 882586


BRUCE HOW­ELL WA­TER­FOWL, Dereham, Nor­folk. Swans: Black, Black Necked, Royal Polish Mute, Trum­peter, Whooper. Geese: Bar­na­cle, Egyp­tian, Maned, Nene, Red Breasted, Ross. Ducks: Pin­tails, Teals, Wigeon, Tree Ducks, Sea Ducks. Web: www.bruce­how­ell­wa­ter­ Tel: 01362 668303


KEN­NETH ROBERT­SON, High­leadon, Newent, Glouces­ter­shire. 70 species of wa­ter­fowl bred: Whistlers, Man­darins, Caroli­nas, Shell­ducks – Black Swans & Teal etc. Email: robert­sonken@bt­in­ter­ Web:­der­burn­wa­ter­ Tel: 01452 790392

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