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Judg­ing at shows

The pre­cise method used can vary from ge­og­ra­phy to ge­og­ra­phy, but the book of stan­dards that cov­ers that spe­cific lo­ca­tion breaks down the scale of points that a judge would be work­ing with when as­sess­ing a bird. The pro­por­tion of points al­lo­cated to each fea­ture of the bird will vary from breed to breed, and even from plumage colour to plumage colour within a sin­gle breed. The sorts of fea­tures that will be used within the judg­ing scale will also vary across the same spec­trum. Ex­am­ples of such fea­tures are Type, Head, Eyes, Legs, Size, Colour, Con­di­tion, Feath­er­ing, Car­riage, and Tail - al­though many of th­ese fea­tures are qual­i­ta­tive and sub­jec­tive.

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