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Keep­ing our birds un­der cover in the first place will be very dif­fi­cult for some of us. We have friends with ducks that live on an open pond and roost in a float­ing duck house. Net­ting over this sim­ply isn’t an op­tion, and the birds them­selves are semi-wild and catch­ing them might prove al­most im­pos­si­ble.

How­ever, I sus­pect some peo­ple who could do this haven’t, through ig­no­rance and pos­si­bly in­do­lence. Only yes­ter­day we drove past a farm­yard and watched a large gag­gle of geese steam across it. If birds like this be­come in­fected and ex­clu­sion ar­eas im­posed, this will just pro­long the lock­down.

Right now our hens and ducks seem to be man­ag­ing OK. The ducks are bored and ag­i­tated, the chick­ens more phleg­matic, but tempers are shorter than usual and the se­nior birds seem more in­clined to have a pop at the ju­nior ones, es­pe­cially at meal times, but thus far no­body is go­ing with­out.

I’m also aware that forc­ing every­one into a smaller space means that should there be any ill­ness it’s more likely to be passed around, which in a slightly grim way is rather ironic.

Martin Gur­don

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