Cop­ing with cold

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Chick­ens, pro­vid­ing they are fit and healthy, will cope well with the cold. Their feath­ers pro­vide fan­tas­tic in­su­la­tion and when they fluff up their feath­ers they cre­ate airspace be­tween the feath­ers as well as the feath­ers and the skin. Thus your chick­ens are pro­vided with the ex­tra in­su­la­tion that they need in the colder months. This is just like us putting an ex­tra jacket, scarf and hat on. Chick­ens will also lower their body tem­per­a­ture, heart rate and gen­eral body func­tions which will help them adapt to the cold. Re­lax­ing in groups, all hud­dled to­gether, also helps to keep the flock warm.

Hud­dled to­gether for warmth IN­SET: ... and a spot of preen­ing

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