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In this cold weather large combs can at­tract frost­bite so you may like to rub Vase­line into the comb to help pre­vent this. Combs and wat­tles are ac­tu­ally used to cool a chicken down in hot weather. The comb sticks up and stays cooler than the rest of the body. When the blood goes into the comb it cools down, be­fore cir­cu­lat­ing back into the body.

I was watch­ing one of my cock­erels re­cently who had found some food and was per­form­ing to at­tract his favourite hens. He re­peat­edly picked up the food and dropped it but also bobbed his head up and down and swung it from side to side. The wat­tles were swing­ing about and even smack­ing him on the head. Ap­par­ently there has been some re­search car­ried out on this phe­nom­e­non and it is thought that cock­erels have wat­tles to make the food dis­play more con­spic­u­ous. The cock­erel’s red wat­tles are also a gen­eral fea­ture to help at­tract fe­males.

Long red wat­tles are ideal for court­ing

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