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Both broody hens and in­cu­ba­tors have their place on the mod­ern homestead, and chicken keep­ers make dif­fer­ent choices that work for them. Per­son­ally, if I plan to re­ceive a batch of valu­able eggs from pure-bred chick­ens, I prob­a­bly won’t trust them to a broody and will choose to hatch them in an in­cu­ba­tor and raise the chicks my­self, the value of the chicks mak­ing such a ven­ture cost-ef­fec­tive, de­spite the ex­tra work in­volved. If, on the other hand, the eggs come from any old chicken and can be eas­ily re­placed, I’ll trust to na­ture and place them un­der a broody.

Anna Twitto and her hus­band live on a plot of land in Israel, where they grow veg­eta­bles and keep chick­ens

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