My hens are scared of visi­tors

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QMy hens look re­ally scared when I bring a friend or friends into the gar­den? They al­ways rush off and hide un­der a hedge or get as far away from the visi­tors as they can.

AChar­lotte Popescu says: I un­der­stand what you mean. My chick­ens do ex­actly the same and are par­tic­u­larly dis­turbed when a strange man en­ters the gar­den. As re­cently ob­served, chick­ens are clev­erer than we think. They can do sim­ple maths by rea­son of de­duc­tion; for ex­am­ple it has been proven that chicks can dis­tin­guish two sets of ob­jects in dif­fer­ent quan­ti­ties hid­den be­hind screens. It would fol­low there­fore that they would be wary of an­other per­son com­ing into the gar­den, when they usu­ally just see me. Keep talk­ing to your hens in a nice gen­tle voice, as this should have a calm­ing ef­fect and make them feel secure. Your hybrids and heavy breeds will al­ways be more docile and less pan­icked com­pared to any light breeds you have such as Leghorns.

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