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Q Why are freshly laid eggs so dif­fi­cult to peel when they have been boiled? A Char­lotte Popescu says: This can be very frus­trat­ing. In a fresh egg the mem­brane be­neath the shell sticks tightly to the shell and the al­bu­men sticks to the mem­brane more strongly than to it­self; this is all to do with the more acidic en­vi­ron­ment of the egg and the car­bon diox­ide. Once the egg starts to age, the car­bon diox­ide starts to di­min­ish as the egg starts to ab­sorb air through its por­ous shell. The mem­brane then be­comes much looser and also the air space be­tween the egg shell and the mem­brane will get larger. When you have boiled your eggs, run them un­der cold wa­ter as this will help with the peel­ing; the mem­brane and shell should come away to­gether and if you start at the rounded end of the egg where the air pouch is, you should have no prob­lems.

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