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The amount of ef­fort put into pre­par­ing a chicken for show­ing can very much de­pend upon the breed and plumage type of chicken, the time of year, and the keeper’s at­ten­tion to de­tail. The pre­cise meth­ods of pre­par­ing a chicken for show are also of­ten closely guarded se­crets, with all man­ner of ton­ics and prepa­ra­tions be­ing given and ap­plied to the chicken in or­der to make sure it looks its best on the day.

In gen­eral, though, the chicken will need a bath or wash at least three days be­fore the show (this will al­low the bird to dry fully and for its plumage to re­gain its form, sheen or lus­tre). Feet, leg scales and toe nails will all need scrub­bing of dirt too.

On the day of the show they will need trans­port­ing care­fully in or­der not to soil their feath­ers, and, prior to be­ing penned, they will need their ‘fi­nal touches’. The first time you show a bird it’s worth spend­ing as much time talk­ing to and watch­ing more ex­pe­ri­enced ex­hibitors on the day to pick up tips, as it is pre­par­ing your own birds.

ABOVE: A proud win­ner. Adam Hen­son from Coun­try­file was there for this one (rear cen­tre)

RIGHT: Judg­ing eggs

BOT­TOM: A pen-trained Brahma

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