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This is the act of trim­ming the comb (to dub), and wat­tles and ear lobes (to crop). Orig­i­nally this would have been per­formed rather crudely us­ing a sharp knife, fol­lowed by cau­ter­i­sa­tion of the open wound. The pur­pose was to re­move the loose flesh on the face of the chick­ens (usu­ally male birds, but some­times on fe­males) so that when they were used for cock fight­ing it would re­duce the like­li­hood of dam­age, re­duce blood loss, and en­able the bird to fight longer. Cock fight­ing is il­le­gal in many coun­tries, but the act of dub­bing and crop­ping still oc­curs, and re­mains a pre­req­ui­site of be­ing able to show breeds such as Mod­ern or Old English Game in many ex­hi­bi­tions world­wide. How­ever, some ex­hi­bi­tions now al­low en­tries that are nei­ther dubbed nor cropped, and they are judged along­side those that are dubbed and cropped.

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