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A lopped comb, for ex­am­ple, is a sin­gle comb that falls over to one side. It is an un­de­sir­able trait in many sin­gle comb va­ri­eties, such as the Wel­sum­mer, but an es­sen­tial trait in oth­ers, such as Leghorns or An­conas, though only in the fe­males. It is worth study­ing the breed stan­dards to un­der­stand which phys­i­cal fea­tures are con­sid­ered de­sir­able for the breed you in­tend to pur­chase and which are con­sider a fault, as such de­fects would re­sult in dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion even if the rest of the bird looked point per­fect.

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