The Chicken Club

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“How was Chicken Club?” asked Mum, when she col­lected Poppy and Ge­orge from school. “Was it worth stay­ing an ex­tra hour?”

“It was cool!” de­clared Ge­orge. “I wouldn’t have minded stay­ing an ex­tra two hours!”

“Miss Scott, the vet, came to talk to us,” said Poppy. “We learnt a lot.”

“She ex­plained about bio some­thing,” said Ge­orge.

“Bio-se­cu­rity,” said Poppy. “It’s about spread­ing germs.”

“We have to wash our feet in dis­in­fec­tant,” said Ge­orge.

“Re­ally?” said Mum. “That sounds a bit odd.”

“Not our feet,” gig­gled Poppy, “our boots. Germs can live on our boots and clothes. Miss Scott said it’s im­por­tant for us to know about this be­cause we look af­ter chick­ens at home and at school.”

“But your chick­ens are re­ally healthy and so are the school chick­ens,” said Mum. “They can’t have any germs to spread.”

“They might have,” said Ge­orge, “be­cause chick­ens don’t make a fuss when they’re ill. You don’t know if they’ve got some­thing un­til they’re re­ally sick.”

“Not like some chil­dren then,” smiled Mum. “So now I sup­pose you want some dis­in­fec­tant?”

“Can we go for pizza first?” asked Ge­orge.

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