Poppy and Ge­orge learn about scaly leg

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“You were right, Poppy,” said Grandpa. “Dora has scaly leg mite.” “Is that like red mite?” asked Ge­orge. “Not re­ally,” replied Grandpa. “Red mite live in the coop, but these mites live un­der the scales on the chickens’ legs.”

“I no­ticed the scales were sort of stand­ing up when we did our weekly in­spec­tion,” said Poppy, “so we looked in the chicken book.”

“Well spot­ted,” smiled Grandpa. “Those weekly checks are great for catch­ing prob­lems be­fore they get se­ri­ous.” “How did she get it?” asked Ge­orge. “Prob­a­bly from wild birds in the gar­den,” replied Grandpa. “They of­ten carry dis­eases.”

“Will the others catch it?” asked Poppy.

“Pos­si­bly,” said Grandpa. “We’ll clean the coop thor­oughly in case any mites are in the bed­ding, but first we’ll treat Dora. She’ll be feel­ing very un­com­fort­able.”

“Is she in pain?” asked Poppy, look­ing wor­ried.

“At the mo­ment it’s prob­a­bly just hor­ri­bly itchy,” said Grandpa, “but we must sort it out be­fore her legs get lumpy with the waste left by the mites. That can make chickens lame, or even cause toes to fall off.” “Please help her!” begged Poppy. (To be con­tin­ued…)

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