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Chickens have their own lan­guage – and so do chicken peo­ple! Do you ever won­der what a word in Your Chickens means? Here’s Hat­tie to the res­cue with her own hencyclopaedia!

Let’s start with an easy one:

The comb

Usu­ally this is red and sticks up on top of the chicken’s head. Look at the pic­ture. The cock­erel has a lovely big, pointy comb that does look a bit like some­thing you could run through your hair!

This is called a ‘sin­gle comb,’ but there are sev­eral other types: Rose comb: flat with lit­tle bob­bles, fin­ish­ing in a spike. Pea or triple comb: three low rows dec­o­rated with tiny red ‘peas.’ V-shaped or horn: This looks like a pair of lit­tle horns. Wal­nut: a bump, look­ing like a wal­nut in its shell. The Silkie has a wal­nut comb, and it is a pur­ple-black rather than red.

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