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Your Chickens - - Contents - Compiled by Anne Perdeaux


Which Olympic medal­list en­joys keep­ing chick­ens? (a) Jessica En­nis-Hill (b) Tom Da­ley (c) Carl Hes­ter


What do cae­cal drop­pings look like? (a) Light brown and foamy (b) White and wa­tery (c) Dark brown with a white tip QUES­TION 2: Is this a cae­cal drop­ping? 3 Which of these would be es­pe­cially ben­e­fi­cial to moult­ing chick­ens? (a) Gar­lic (b) Liq­uid cal­cium (c) Seaweed


The An­cona is a light Mediter­ranean breed – what colour are its eggs? (a) Blue (b) White (c) Brown QUES­TION 4: What colour are An­cona eggs?


Fol­low­ing the Avian In­fluenza re­stric­tions, when was the ban on poultry gath­er­ings lifted for most of Eng­land? (a) Fe­bru­ary 28 (b) April 30 (c) May 15 6 What is line breed­ing?

(a) Ac­ci­den­tal cross-breed­ing be­tween neigh­bour­ing pens (b) In­ten­tional breed­ing be­tween re­lated birds (c) In­tro­duc­ing an un­re­lated bird to a flock to im­prove the strain


Which dis­in­fec­tant would you choose for a boot dip? (a) Virkon S (b) Stalosan F (c) Det­tol


At around what age do chicks start los­ing their down? (a) One week (b) Four weeks (c) Six weeks


11 2017 is the year of the: (a) Chicken (b) Rooster (c) Hen


How does a chicken lose sur­plus heat? (a) From sweat­ing (b) Through pant­ing (c) Via ex­posed skin 11 From which coun­try does the Fay­oumi breed orig­i­nate? (a) Turkey (b) Egypt (c) Greece


Which in­sects are de­terred by the smell of chick­ens? (a) Mos­qui­toes (b) Moths (c) Wasps


How long is it es­ti­mated that sperm can sur­vive in­side the hen? (a) Twenty-four hours (b) One to two days (c) Two to three weeks


Larsen traps are used to con­trol: (a) Rats and mink (b) Crows and mag­pies (c) Foxes


In which chil­dren’s TV se­ries does the Iron Chicken ap­pear? (a) Se­same Street (b) The Clangers (c) Bob the Builder

QUES­TION 10: How does a chicken lose ex­cess heat?

QUES­TION 8: When do chicks lose their down?

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