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Our flock is de­nuded in an al­most un­prece­dented way, with only three full-sized hens cur­rently ex­tant. But, thanks to the bird flu lock­down, no­body has been sell­ing chick­ens, and our usual sources have noth­ing on of­fer and no­body seems to be ad­ver­tis­ing birds.

For var­i­ous, un­re­lated rea­sons we’ve had a high rate of at­tri­tion amongst our big girls, los­ing two in the space of a few weeks.

Col­lider, the Black Or­p­ing­ton, was our lat­est loss. Last month I men­tioned that she had de­vel­oped a swelling on one of her legs. This was an in­fec­tion, cause un­known, but it didn’t re­spond to treat­ment and, on a re­turn trip to the vet, it was made plain that things were only go­ing in one di­rec­tion, and so she was dis­patched. This has left us with the in­domitable Slasher, Hadron and Priscilla, her­self a sur­vivor of re­cent, ex­pen­sive ill­ness. With just three chick­ens plod­ding about, the gar­den looks strangely empty, but every­one seems very re­laxed. These three get on well, there’s lit­tle ag­gro and they’re all fit and happy.

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