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Eggs are so won­der­fully ver­sa­tile and have the most con­cen­trated amount of pro­tein of any food. I would never want to be with­out my hens pro­duc­ing this amaz­ing item of nu­tri­tion. It is in­ter­est­ing how much re­search goes into the egg and a while ago sci­en­tists at Read­ing Univer­sity dis­cov­ered that free-range eggs have a third more vi­ta­min D than those from birds kept in­side, which was very pleas­ing to hear. Hens roam­ing in the sun­shine need their vi­ta­min D, just as we do, and re­ally en­joy ly­ing in the sun­shine with a wing fanned out – the vi­ta­min D is syn­the­sised by ul­tra­vi­o­let ra­di­a­tion from sun­light and this vi­ta­min D then ends up in the egg. So do make sure your hens have some ar­eas where they can do some sun­bathing. Shade is of course im­por­tant as well for when the mid­day sun be­comes too hot. Hens don’t cope very well with very strong heat and will droop their wings away from their bod­ies to in­crease the body sur­face area and cool down (see pic)!


A hen cop­ing with heat

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