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I re­cently read a re­port on eggs be­ing used to speed up wound heal­ing. Wounds dressed with egg mem­brane heal at least 20% faster and less scar­ring oc­curred. It makes sense to me that the egg mem­brane could be used in this way as it has the func­tion in the egg of pro­tect­ing against bac­te­ria en­ter­ing into the white and yolk. It is sim­i­lar in struc­ture to the ex­tra­cel­lu­lar ma­trix of hu­man skin. Ap­par­ently in the early 1900s the egg mem­branes were used for their heal­ing prop­er­ties so this was known about a long time ago. Seven or eight mem­branes cov­ered the wound, topped with sil­ver foil and an­ti­sep­tic ban­dages; af­ter four days the mem­branes had grown into the tis­sue caus­ing new skin to grow!

A com­pany is now tak­ing the mem­branes from the dis­carded egg shells used in the food trade, crush­ing them into pow­der and then us­ing them in dress­ings to treat wounds such as leg ul­cers that take a long time to heal. A trial is al­ready un­der way.

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